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Hunts SC – demo this weekend

Anyone want to try a D-Zero? ¬†Well here’s another chance this Saturday at Hunts SC, near St Ives in Cambridgeshire. The forecast is looking great, the club has a fantastic reputation for its friendly and welcoming manner and need this website tell you how wonderful the D-Zero is? For more information, please see:

Hayling Seaside demo – Wed 21st May

Hayling Island SC will be hosting demo event for the D-Zero tomorrow, Wed 21st May 2014, in the afternoon and early evening. The forecast looks good; so if you fancy a trip to the seaside, please contact Rodney Cobb for more information. 3 boats will on station awaiting eager sailors- Enjoy!  

Sailing at Haversham SC – video

Some of us were fortunate enough to get a ride in the D-Zero demo fleet at Haversham SC. Here’s a little video… what a lovely boat! Many thanks to the friends and families of Haversham SC for hosting us- we hope you enjoyed the boat as much as we enjoyed your club.

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