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Isle of Man Yacht Club Demo Event 27th/28th September

15 people from early teens to 60s test sailed the D-Zero on the 27th September, out of Port St Mary on the Isle of Man. Unfortunately no sailing was possible on the 28th September as there was no wind.

Emsworth Demo Event 27th/28th September

16 people sailed the D-Zero at this event, all loved it.  Comments like delightful and cracking (meant in a good way) come to mind. Some photos are below:

PY Discussions

UPDATE – Feb 2015 The RYA have issued the D-Zero a PY of 1040 (EN) and the ‘Great Lakes’ PY is now 1031 both based on data received. As there have been some discussions with regards to setting a PY for the D-Zero we would like to draw your attention to the RYA guidance on […]

Clevedon Demo Day

Text taken from local news report:¬† “CLEVEDON Sailing Club was delighted to host a session for local sailors to try out the new D Zero racing dinghy. The boat is built by Devoti, who also built the Finn dinghy, sailed by the great Sir Ben Ainslie, to win three consecutive Olympic gold medals. The weather […]

D-Zero first sail in ‘Anger’

Having waited (im)patiently for a delivery date for my D-Zero I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I could collect my boat from the Grafham demo day on the 26th July. As you can imagine I was excited and keen to get out in the boat ASAP. Turning up at Graham and wandering […]

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