The D-Zero sporting a custom carbon fibre deck plate and compass bracket

On the weekend of the 5th and 6th March 2016 the D-Zero Class were at the Suzuki RYA Dinghy at Alexandra Palace. The Class Association stand was manned by volunteers from the class and going by the social media chatter the Class stand was very busy with a lot of enthusiasm for the boat and several expressions of serious interest that were passed over to Suntouched Sailboats who were exhibiting directly opposite us.

D-Zero in light blue and sporting a blue rig certainly got a lot of attention

Exhibited at the dinghy show this year were 2 colour combinations, one of which is to be a limited edition run and features a carbon fibre deck plate for the mast and the other showing how a subtle colour can really show the boat off. In the case of the show boat it was also paired with the blue rig sail and definitely got peoples attention!

The prototype D-Zero lifting rudder was also on display

Also on show was the new D-Zero lifting or flip up rudder. With a stock made by Allen and a blade that is the same section as the standard cassette rudder just different at the head to allow it to pivot. We are told by the builder that this will soon be available as an option on new boats and will be available to purchase separately should any existing owners wish to change to it and it is a direct replacement with no modification required.

Russ Hopkins, D-Zero Class Secretary says:

Great to catch up with many of you over the weekend. Reminded me just what a great selection of people we have in the class and how passionate you all are! Fantastic.

Just wanted to share some thanks to Rodney and Sue Cobb for all their efforts! I know they worked tirelessly under tight time constraints enforced by the show organizers to turn the stands around. Also not forgetting Mike Woodhead, again selfless in his efforts!

The 2016 season is now full steam ahead, I met with the race officer for our nationals at the show as well as a charming man whom organise’s the Endeavour Trophy he seemed keen for us to be part of the event….Time will tell.

The show didn’t seem as busy this year, but there was rarely a chance to catch a breath and there was plenty of interest in the D-Zero and the “Celebration Edition” I believe there will be some new faces joining the class over the next few months to build upon our steady growth in numbers.

Thank you all – See you on the water soon…Just as soon as I remember where I left my boat….

Wendy Horton, D-Zero Owner and Stand Volunteer says:

We really enjoyed our 2 hour slot on the stand. It went really quickly as there were so many people taking an interest in the boat.

A prospective D-Zero owner says:

Really enjoyed chatting to you guys on the stand about the D Zero, it looks like great boat, and I can’t wait to try one out