With just over 6 weeks to go things are coming together nicely for the 2016 Suntouched D-Zero National Championships.

Highcliffe are doing a great job with their pre-nationals preparation for us as a class and entries are coming in steadily. We currently have 35 entries and a few more who say they are definitely coming but just need to ‘sort their entry’ out. Current entries are below, an * by your name means we are awaiting verification of payment from the treasurer:

Paul Jefferies
Dave Woods
Gareth Henshall
Kevin Moll
Paul Murphy
Graham Cooper
Jon Cowper
Nigel Austin
Gordon Stewart
Mike Pridham
Russ Hopkins
Alistair Hill
Robert Campbell
Rob Lennox
Tom Southwell
Tim Weeden
Mick Green
John Aston
Scott Derham
Rodney Cobb
Sebastian Prowse
Neil Washington
Ian Morgan
David Summerville
David Valentine
Gordon Bennell
Toby Peacock
David Bartlett
Steve Bolland
Ben Stevens
James Edmund
Dan Wigmore
Mike Corney
Stewart Holford
Stuart Jones

There have been several questions that have been asked by people so here are the answers to the latest nationals FAQ’s:

What courses will be used?

We have spoken with Highcliffe with regards to courses. They are happy to run triangle/sausage and trapezoid courses for us. The actual course for each day will be advised during the daily competitor briefing. We felt that offering courses with reaching in as well as runs gives something for everyone. The runs for the tacticians and wave specialists, the reaches for those who can get the boat flying on a reach.

How long will the races be?

We have looked at the fact that we are running a total of 8 races over 3 days which is a lot of sailing especially if the breeze is on. With this in mind it was felt the races should be kept to around 40-45 minutes for the leading boats and a little shorter if it is windy. This gives everyone a reasonably fair crack of the whip.

I am struggling to find accommodation, any ideas?

It seems a lot of the local accommodation has now sold out but some people have reported success using Airbnb (https://www.airbnb.co.uk). The other options are the hotels and campsites that are a little further away. If you are really struggling do get in touch and we will speak to Highcliffe and see if they can suggest anything.

I am bringing family/friends can I book extra food tickets for them?

We have spoken to Highcliffe on this and yes extra food tickets are available. They must be pre-booked and there is an additional cost involved, this is detailed below:

Friday £7/Adult, £5/Child (Lasagne (meat and vegetarian) with pudding)
Saturday £8.50/Adult £6/Child (Steak and mushroom pie or mushroom stroganoff with a pudding)

If you have already entered please complete the form below to book and pay for extra tickets. If you have not entered as yet please book your tickets on the main entry form (find it here):