Basic Tuning Guide

Below is a basic starting point from our learned designer Daniel Holman:

  1. Clew – Have this tied down really tight
  2. Traveller – This needs to be as tight as possible with the traveller no further in the 400mm from the centreline in lighter airs. This should be eased out as the breeze builds.
  3. Mast foot cup – Aft position
  4. Mast chocks – All chocks except the ‘profiled’ chock should be aft of the mast (i.e. as upright as possible). As the wind builds lighter sailors may wish to add up to 10-15mm of chocks in front of the mast to give a bit of rake and help depower.
  5. Outhaul – Start with 150mm gap and pull on more as the breeze builds
  6. Kicker/Vang – Pull on upwind, progressively more as the wind builds, there should be no issues getting under the boom.
  7. Cunningham – Pull on progressively from 10-12kts as you start to feel overpowered

General hints and tips:

In the wind just keep her on her feet, maybe raise 150 or 200mm of dagger to help. Off wind let the controls off and tighten the toestrap for the reaches.