Pimps and Bimbles

A number of D Zero owners have now made some changes to the ‘standard’ control line setup incorporating some neat ideas as well is increasing the amount of purchase available. Click on each picture to see a larger version with more detail.

Please Note: Making some of these modifications may affect your warranty. If you have any concerns please speak to Suntouched Sailboats prior to making them. The class association cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of modifications made to your boat.

16:1 Kicker – GBR 142


Primary is 5mm vectran in the top two falls (1 line does both falls). The more sharp eyes amongst you may also notice a plate under the deck cleat. The aim is to have continuous line which runs up and down the top of the footstrap on bungee take up so that can easily be reached from side deck and not end up with pile of rope in the bottom of the boat. Lets just say it is a work in progress!

16:1 Kicker – GBR 119

GBR119 16to1Kicker

A slightly different 16:1 kicker setup here using 2 ‘primary’ lines.

12:1 Kicker

Some D-Zero owners find the 8:1 standard kicker setup just does not have enough grunt for them but they find that 16:1 is too powerful. So a nice compromise is 12:1 as shown below.

With the detailed ‘How to’ video here:

Control line ‘tidies’ – GBR119


The control line retainers/tidies. An alternative solution to tying them to the toe strap fittings/daggerboard shock cord. Using some small nylon thimbles to keep them apart. More of a pimp than a bimble some might say.

Alternative Traveller Setup – GBR66

An alternative traveller setup is shown here from GBR66.


Tensioning end shown here. This has been modified so the steel ring is closer to the hull to allow for full traveller movement:


Non-tensioning end show here, note the use of nylon bobbles:


Finally the all important central ring:


Control line handles – GBR119


Control line handles. These are trapeze handles. You could use the traditional ‘handle’ style ones but these look much more ‘pimp’ and work well according to the boat owner.

Course board and bottle holder – GBR111


GBR111 has a rather nice bottle storage/course board and bits bag in it. This is available from Butler Boats (click here). You need to order the one for the early FRP Streaker size. If you say it is for a D-Zero they should know what you are after. Simply attach it to the bulkhead using heavy duty velcro (as the class rules do not allow you to pierce the hull).

Alternative Halyard Storage on the Boom

To prevent wash through and potential loss of the mast chocks it is no longer recommended to store the halyard under the shock cord that holds the chocks in. 1 solution is a piece of shock cord on the mast. The other, as shown below, is to store it on the boom.

Boom end block alternative to the Harken tie on

A few D-Zero owners have noticed that the tie on boom end block does tend to wear through the tie on rope quite quickly so some have changed this for a block with a stainless loop. This works very well as a replacement.


  1. Colin


    The class rules do not allow you to pierce the hull.
    The hull is the bit in the water, so would it not be permissible to anchor fittings to the cockpit with self tappers, setscrews etc. and still be in class ?.

    1. Paul Jefferies Author

      Hi Colin,

      The intention of this rule is to not permit any further piercing of the hull (deck and ‘hull’). So making any further holes in the boat aside from in line with making repairs is not permitted under the class rules.

      Did you have a specific purpose in mind? It would be interesting to know.



  2. Colin.

    Hi Paul.

    “Yes” I own GBR136.
    I’m intending to fit a compass and an OS315 backing plate, also from past experience I know those supper sticky tidy’s etc. don’t stay stuck…

    Other Classes I have owned have similar worded rules regarding the hull, but are much more relaxed about the cockpit/deck area.

    Good Sailing.


  3. Russ h

    I beleive Rodney is getting a carbon tacktick bracket being made, maybe worth checking with him. By the sounds of it. It will bolt under the kicker fitting so no extra holes needed.

  4. Colin

    Hi Russ.

    Thanks for the info.

    This may resolve the compass problem, if every one wants a tacktick, hopefully it will be universal, so we can fit a compass of choice.

    atb Colin.


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