Pimps and Bimbles

A number of D Zero owners have now made some changes to the ‘standard’ control line setup incorporating some neat ideas as well is increasing the amount of purchase available. Click on each picture to see a larger version with more detail.

Please Note: Making some of these modifications may affect your warranty. If you have any concerns please speak to DZero prior to making them. The class association cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of modifications made to your boat.

2:1 Traveller

bit of fiddling and some help with an extra hand required. The below is a simple modification retaining the factory 2:1 purchase but replacing the knot with a cleat to make it easier to hold the required tension.

Photo 1 showing the full set up. The long tail on the Starboard side is the ring control rope prior to it being trimmed down:

Photo 2 showing the cleat arrangement ( if you never adjust your toe strap then use this cleat or it is a CamCleat CL826 with CL211 Mk2). The purple rope is dead-ended to a spliced loop in the dyneema. This could be spliced on if your splicing skills are up to it (again the purple rope has now been trimmed down a little):

Photo 3 showing the separate line for the central steel ring for the Traveller adjustment rope (green). Having it on a separate rope means that the ring will always be central and you do not need to worry about it when you put the tension on. There is a piece of shockcord in place to hold the rope up:

Finally (to make it really pimp) a nice purple high load thimble (why us a 50p nylon or stainless thimble when you can use a colour-co-ordinated anodised one). It just helps the rope flow nicely and reduces wear:

12:1 Kicker

Some D-Zero owners find the 8:1 standard kicker setup just does not have enough grunt for them but they find that 16:1 is too powerful. So a nice compromise is 12:1 as shown below.

With the detailed ‘How to’ video here:

16:1 Kicker 

GBR119 16to1Kicker

A 16:1 kicker setup here using 2 ‘primary’ lines adding additional purchase to the cascade.

Control line handles


Control line handles. These are trapeze handles. You could use the traditional ‘handle’ style ones but these look much more ‘pimp’ and work well according to the boat owner.

Alternative Halyard Storage on the Boom

To prevent wash through and potential loss of the mast chocks it is no longer recommended to store the halyard under the shock cord that holds the chocks in. 1 solution is a piece of shock cord on the mast. The other, as shown below, is to store it on the boom.

Boom end block alternative to the Harken tie on

A few D-Zero owners have noticed that the tie on boom end block does tend to wear through the tie on rope so some have changed this for a block with a stainless loop. This works very well as a replacement.