Designer:       Daniel Holman

Builder:          Devoti Sailing

Hull length:   4.20 m
Beam:              1.42 m
Draft:               0.38 m
Hull Weight:  43kg
Sail Design:    North Sails One Design
Sail area:        Grey rig: 8.1 m2 semi soft laminate sail on halyard
                          Blue rig: 6.9 m2 semi soft laminate sail on halyard
Raking:            Simple and effective adjustment via chocks
Spars:               CompoTech carbon mast and boom
Hardware:      Harken Blocks and Cleats throughout

Portsmouth Yardstick / Great Lakes Handicap Ratings:

Grey Rig – 1029 (RYA PY List 2020) / 1043 (Great Lakes Handicap 2020)

Blue Rig – 1079 (RYA Provisional PY – email confirmation as not listed) / 1070 (Great Lakes Handicap List 2020)

Sailor Weight Range:

Grey Rig – 60kg – 110kg+. There is no set upper or lower limits, hiking may be more difficult if less than 60kg. Top 10 Sailors Nationals 2019 ranged 62kg to 106kg

Blue rig – 70kg and under. Many D-Zero sailors only have the Grey rig, even those at the lighter end of the spectrum due to the ease of depowering the rig through cunningham, kicker and traveller.

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