The following amendments to the class rules will be tabled before the AGM. If you have any comments please use the Class Chair contact form before Thursday 21st June 2018. Bold italic text denotes the amendments/additions:

In the introduction:

D-Zero hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails may, after having left the manufacturer, only be altered to the extent permitted in Section C of the class rules.  It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that any changes from standard specification are adequate and suitable for the purpose. Neither the manufacturer or the class association(s) accept responsibility for failure of equipment not conforming to standard, ex-factory, specification.

In C9.2:

Add new d) as below, all exiting are moved 1 letter further on:

d) Kicking Strap (vang) must use, minimum, 4mm Dyneema ® or equivalent specification rope. Strop can be replaced with, minimum, 4mm Dyneema ® or equivalent specification rope and must be routed as the standard strop arrangement.

Amend g) as follows (was f):

One gybing strop may be added, defined as a length of rope, of maximum 6mm diameter, attached to the aft kicking strap (vang) deckeye on the top of the boom. The length of the gybing strop, measured from the underside of the boom and including any block or ring, shall not exceed 40cms. The gybing strop shall only be used during the gybing manoeuvre.

Amend j) to read:

Traveller may be modified with the addition of a tensioning system consisting of cleat, thimble/s and control line but purchase must not exceed the factory 2:1. This is to replace the standard knot and will be in approximately the same position. The incorporation of a cleat will not alter the traveller in any way apart from facilitating ease of tensioning/locking off. In addition the central stainless steel eye may be mounted on a separate length of rope that is completely independent of the main traveller rope. This rope may only use the existing traveller holes without any modification. A length of shockcord may be used to hold the eye in line. All traveller ropes must be at least 4mm in diameter.