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Boat Register Update

We have made some changes to the boat register so you can now include the following information:

1) Your Boat name

2) Whether you are happy to allow potential buyers to have a test sail

As per the below:


If you are happy to allow a test sail your boat will appear in green on the map:


If you are already registered and wish to update your details simply input your Admin Key (including the curly brackets {}) and update you details.

Thanks to Dave Woods for coding and updating this for the class.

7 Comments to "Boat Register Update"

  1. Russ H says:

    What is my Admin Key Dave????

  2. Paul Jefferies says:

    Did you not get an email with it in when you registered your boat in it Russ?

  3. paul murphy says:

    I registered, got an admin code by email and decided to edit the location of my boat, but my admin code is rejected

  4. Paul Jefferies says:

    You need to make sure you put the curly brackets round it {MYADMINCODE} or it doesn’t work.

  5. Dave W says:

    Hopefully made it a little clearer regarding the brackets.

  6. Robin Goff says:

    I can’t remember getting the e mail. If i did I must have deleted it by mistake.
    Can it be resent?

  7. Paul Jefferies says:

    Hi Robin, If you email Dave Woods he can re-send it for you.

    His email can be found by click the ‘About’ bit on the actual boat register page. He does pop by here every so often though.



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