As Christmas fast approaches so do events 4 and 5 of the D-Zero Winter Series 2015/2016. In rapid succession we have the Brass Monkey at Yorkshire Dales SC on the 27th December  and the Grafham Grand Prix the following day. These events are also rounds 3 and 4 of the GJW SailJuice Winter Series 2015/2016.

The class (at the time of writing) has a superb 24 entries across the 2 events with several people attending both events so the miles are piling on!

The question is can anyone challenge David Summerville after his ominous performance in the breeze and light airs at the recent Datchet Flyer? Ian Morgan, winner of Round 1 at the Draycote Dash, was looking good until his swimming antics at the Flyer and with a baby due very soon will he be able to get enough events in before fatherly duties put an end to his winter sailing? Or will consistency pay off and allow Tom Southwell to maintain his series lead?

An aptly named D-Zero at last years Brass Monkey Photo Credit: Paul Jefferies

With 8 entries (at the time of writing) the D-Zero is currently the second biggest class for the Brass Monkey. For an event that is so far north and so far removed from the rest of the Winter Series events in terms of distance this is a superb achievement for the class. The major pluses for this event are the low cost of entry, amazing clubhouse, friendly club members, well managed races and finally being in a very pretty part of the country. It is definitely an event worth travelling for. The forecast is looking to be breezy and positively tropical with temperatures almost hitting double figures. This is in complete contrast to last year when the Brass Monkey really did live up to it’s name with temperatures never getting above freezing and the wind light to non existent.

With 16 entries (at the time of writing and more of the local fleet saying they are going) the D-Zero is looking to be the biggest class for the Grafham Grand Prix. With the event also doubling up as the Grafham D-Zero Open as the original event was postponed in November due to excessive wind there will be prizes a plenty. the long range forecast is again predicting this to be another windy event with temperatures up in to double figures why not come and join the fleet at Grafham.

A quick update on the GJW Direct Winter Series entries also reveals that the class has am amazing 29 unique entries (30 including Blue Rig entries), placing us second only to the venerable Laser with 33 and with 71 entries across the series (73 including Blue Rig entries) giving us an average of 10 boats per event the D-Zero is by far the most active class in the series. This is a superb effort from the class and shows that the D-Zero, despite being a new class, is quickly establishing itself as a fleet that likes to travel.