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To contact the UK Class Association please fill click on the appropriate link below. If you are not sure then send it to one and we will work out who is best to deal with it for you:

Chairperson – Paul Jefferies

Class Secretary – Jon Cowper

Membership Secretary – Jon Cowper

Treasurer – Tim Weeden

Training Contact – TBC

Technical/Builder Representative – Neil Washington

Webmaster and Publicity – Paul Jefferies


  1. Hi Paul,
    I would like to contact DAN HOLMAN. Could you be so kind to you give me his E-Mail adress?

    In 2019 3 helmsmen of our German D-Zero group – which is still growing slowly 🙁 – probably will go on a tour to UK. Can we participate on your races ? What are the conditions ?

    • Paul Jefferies

      Hi Elmar,

      I will respond to you fully by email shortly but we would welcome you to come on tour.

      I will let you have details of the 2019 nationals as we already have the venue and dates in place.


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