For a small amount per year, you can become a member of the D-Zero Class Association .

The Class pays for videos at National Championships, or the Tracking so you can chat over a beer on the race that was, or should have been ?? Plus it provides marketing at Dinghy Shows, and in some magazines – watch out for the RYA Virtual Dinghy Show in 2021 ! Your D-Zero is an asset and the Class helps keep up the financial value, plus tells others fantastic reasons as to why to join the Class, and get some close racing, great banter, and massive enjoyment every time you sail !

Not only do you help to support the growth and management of the D-Zero Class, you also get access to some great benefits (and we’re improving to and adding all the time) – if you have any ideas or can offer a discount, please contact us:

Personal Sail Number

You can buy a personal sail number for your D-Zero!

These numbers are between 2 and 99 (GBR1 is reserved for the current National Champion) or any sail number not yet issued – maybe something distinct (999) or your date of birth (66, 74) or your age (3, 11), please contact the membership secretary for more information.

Discount with DZERO.CO.UK

10% off spares (except sails) at for more information click here.

This could save your membership fee in one go, on say a cover, or some upgrades. Then you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve helped a small business AND helped improve the Class and what it can do for you…