Mandy getting ready to launch at the Grafham GP Photo Credit: Paul Jefferies

Following on from an extensive development program the second rig for the D-Zero is now available. It was always part of the plan for the D-Zero to have a rig that would cater for the lighter sailor and the plan to make that rig very distinctive from the standard rigs to avoid confusion. As you can see from the picture above the D-Zero Blue is certainly striking in colour. The owner of the first Blue rig to be sold, Mandy Horton from Grafham, has put together her first impressions of her new rig following on from the first outing at the recent Grafham Grand Prix.

Mandy writes:

Sunday 22nd February 2015 marked the first outing of the D-Zero blue rig in an event and the increasing wind forecast looked perfect for the occasion. The stunning bright blue sail started attracting attention from the minute it was out of the sail bag and it was complimented many times over the day for looking seriously cool!

In the first race, the wind hadn’t quite reached its full potential and there were a few moments upwind when I wondered if the bigger rig would have been more efficient but happily I managed to keep up with a number of the sailors with the grey rig. The rig felt nice and balanced upwind and still kept up with the pace downwind. As the wind increased for the second and third races, the advantage of the smaller rig for me was clear. Firstly, I was able to stay out and complete all three races! Not only that, I was actually able to stay within reasonably close reach of many of the other D-Zeros and enjoyed close racing with some in particular.

When the wind had reached its maximum of about 20knots, I was able to spill enough wind upwind to keep moving forward efficiently and downwind I absolutely flew! This was one of my concerns as I wondered whether having less power downwind would leave me trailing behind. It appeared not.

Overall, I was really pleased with the performance of the rig and the fact that it kept me out on the water to enjoy close racing. When the blue rig is given its own handicap, this will make it an even more attractive option for the lighter sailors in windier weather. Thanks to Rodney and David for helping me to sort the rig in time for the Grand Prix. I’m sure I would have only completed one race without it!