D-Zero Class Rules – Proposed Amendments

All paid up members of the D-Zero class association were sent an email yesterday detailing some proposed amendments to the class rules.

If you are a paid up member and you did not receive this email then please contact the Class Webmaster and Publicity office by clicking here.


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  1. garyguild2013

    I didn’t receive the email as I am not a paid up member of the CA. I’m not a member because I sail my boat out of class – I fitted a gybe strop. I understand you are now considering making these legal. If that is done I would be very happy to then join the CA.

    • Paul Jefferies

      Hi Gary,

      I have replied to you by email. One of the reasons for the proposed amendments is because boat owners have indicated they would like to be able to tweak a few things. Having a Gybe handle being one.



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