Despite the ongoing pandemic there is still plenty taking place behind the scenes in the class. The Culmination of some of the work is an updated set of class rules. There are a couple of changes which are in response to questions raised and ideas that have been submitted to the Technical Representative.

A brief summary of the key changes are as follows:

Control Line termination

A new clause has been added C9.2m:

A sheaveless block, or hard eye, may be added on a length, or loop, of 4mm rope attached to the toestrap fixings on the aft of the daggerboard case. The length, or loop, must not extend further than 100mm for its attachment point.This is to facilitate additional ease of handling of the kicking strap (vang), cunningham (downhaul) and outhaul control lines while the helm is sat, or hiked, out. Only one such loop may be added for each of the three specified control lines.

You can see a sample video of the setup below:

Mainsheet clarification

There have been several enquiries with regards to mainsheet routing recently as well as a couple of enquiries about the block located on the cockpit fitting.

Rule C9.2e states as follows:

The mainsheet may be sheeted from the boom or cockpit mounting point. In the event boom sheeting is preferred the block in the cockpit may be removed. The mainsheet must route from the boom end fitting through the traveller block before passing through the boom end block then to the forward boom block. No other mainsheet configuration is permitted.

This specifies the mainsheet routing and includes that it is permitted to remove the block from the cockpit fitting if desired.

You can see the full class rules on the Rules page.