Ian Morgan now moves up in to pole position with David dropping to second as he is currently away skiing rather than sailing (where is his commitment we wonder). Tom Southwell is cementing his 3rd place overall with a 2nd at the Bloody Mary. Tom should look over his should though as recent D-Zero convert Rob Lennox and Mike Corney have both entered the Steve Nicholson Trophy at the end of the month and should they also decide to go to the Tiger Trophy they could pip Tom to 3rd place overall. Russ Hopkins has also dropped down the order by virtue of being out of the country on business, he can still bounce back and grab a podium spot though should he do either of the last 2 events. Nigel and Rob move up in to 4th and 5th places overall and could still threaten the podium with good results in the last 2 rounds.

The battle for the 2 top spots looks to be a race between Ian and David. With David currently away and Ian considering entering the Steve Nicholson Trophy can he turn his slender lead in to an unassailable one?

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To enter the Steve Nicholson Trophy click here (7 D-Zeros entered with several more indicating they are going so double figured are definitely on the cards).

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