Tim Weeden (GBR113) reports:

Chichester Harbour Race Week, previously known as Fed Week until the Americans decided that they had exclusive rights to the term “Fed”, was hosted by Hayling Island Sailing Club between 17th and 21st August. Over 300 boats competed during the week, all racing within Chichester Harbour.

The D-Zero’s raced in the Medium Handicap fleet, along with Aero 9’s and 7’s, 2000’s and various other dinghies with PYs between 1030 and 1242. David Valentine, Scott Derham, Jez Adams and myself, all of whom normally race from Emsworth Slipper or Thorney, were joined by Adrian Brunton – all of us eager to see how we would fare against the Aero’s.

The week started with a 90 minute postponement whilst the wind filled in and settled, but we were eventually rewarded with 7 to 9 knots; hardly exciting, but sufficient for decent racing. The postponement prompted some deviation from the normal Fed Week game plan of dodging the incoming tide upwind for the first half of the race; starting near high water meant that it was a case of seeking out the beginning of the ebb.

Winds during the week generally ranged between 7 & 12 knots, apart from on Thursday when it was gusting up to 20 knots at times. Thursday’s racing was also notable for other reasons. Ian Morgan tried to join us for the day, but unfortunately missed the start. However, he seemed to enjoy his sail! The leading Aero 9 was spotted tacking round the gybe mark, and Adrian had obviously decided that there were simply too many Aero’s, and rammed the demonstrator Aero whilst on port tack. His version of events was that he tried to duck behind the Aero but had a tangle in his mainsheet. Yeah right!!!

All told, a great week’s racing. In the final reckoning, D-Zero’s claimed 3rd & 4th overall with the leading Aero 9’s in 7th, 8th & 9th . There are rumours that for 2016, the two classes may be given their own joint start, which would give some great racing and would prevent nasty surprises from well sailed 2000’s and Streakers!

Dates for next year’s event are 15 th to 19th August……….put it in your diaries now! Accomodation is available at HISC and there is a campsite nearby.

D-Zero Overall Results:

3rd Tim Weeden (GBR113)
4th Adrian Brunton (GBR123)
15th David Valentine (GBR66)
19th Scott Derham (GBR121)
25th Jez Adams (GBR133)

For the full results click here then select Event 09 – Medium Handicap and click the Star icon to see the overall results.