Apologies for the somewhat tardy nature of this report. Our roving reporter seems to have done more roving than reporting recently!

Russ Hopkins GBR119 reports:

Saturday morning dawned, with a foggy head Woods and Hopkins enjoyed an award winning UYC breakfast and talked briefly around pre-race tactics, how much fatter Russ had gotten and if Dave’s nose had grown even longer.

It became apparent that with a record turnout of 231 boats starting was going to be key.

Race 1 Saw Hopkins spring from the traps like a frisky teenager only for GR flag to be flown, the second start was frankly average and both Woods and Hopkins set about a tussle up the beat. Rounding the Island (some 7 miles up the lake) together. By this point the wind had picked up considerably Hopkins nailed the 7 mile run back to the club taking places hand over fist from boats flying weird coloured sails. Woods unfortunately had a few wet moments (after seeing the D-Zero Masters Champion Summerville upside-down in a keel boat…how?) , but was never far behind Hopkins.

Day 1 saw Hopkins in 70th and Woods 103rd.

With the Sunday morning hangover in full swing our eager beavers set to the water, first start was abandoned (luckily for Hopkins) thanks to the Ullswater steamer piling through the 231 boats. With the second start under way it was clear Hopkins had taken a wrong turn and was well and truly up that familiar sailing water…Brown Creak. Woods on the other hand had pulled a blinder. Once Hopkins had found the exit of Brown Creek….Slightly behind some children in a Mirror he set about the almighty task of hunting down a determined Woods. The wind was (Sh)light but Hopkins had glory in his sights….he remembered the famous line gloriously delivered by his namesake in the film Gladiator. What a Man Does in Life…Echo’s for eternity. With these pearls whistling around in the cavernous cranium (ed: big head) Hopkins set about his task. Overhauling and taking Woods half way up the beat. Only to be overtaken by Woods again. An almighty tussle began….shear weight and arrogance overcame, northerness and a big nose. Hopkins stretched his lead until the finish. Hopkins finishing 58th putting him 55th Overall and Woods 131st putting him 112th A truly great weekend and one we hope other D-Zero-ists will enjoy with us next year.

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