D-Zeros at the 2015 Tiger Trophy

Report by Dave Woods GBR105:

Wet and wild at the Tiger Trophy 2015 Photo Copyright: Tim Olin 

Day One.

Despite the grim forecast three D-Zeros arrived nice and early for the 2015 Tiger Trophy. During rigging it appeared the wind was more moderate than forecast but the snow negated any increase in enthusiasm that this caused.
Once the fleet had gathered for the start the forecast wind arrived making for tricky conditions.

Race 1

With a reasonable start by all three boats at different parts of a lengthy and busy line the first windward mark was rounded with the D-Zero’s within a few lengths of each other. David started to pull out a lead on Nigel during the offwind legs with Dave following closely behind. The most tactical part of the first lap was trying to stay far enough left on the downind leg to avoid the assortment of upside down boats, and accompanying ribs, to the right.
On the second lap the wind had picked up even more and on the downwind leg David and Nigel decided to wear round during a particularly gusty approach to the mark. Dave saw his chance to make a considerable gain and went for a brave, some might say heroic, gybe. Once the idiotic gybe, and subsequent capsize recovery, had been completed it was difficult to judge exactly the loss or gain made as David and Nigel were now making their way up the beat nearly out of sight. Probably a loss.
The race finished with David as first D-Zero followed by Nigel with Dave a distant third.

Hiking hard Photo Copyright: Tim Olin

Race 2

After the carnage of the first race the line was considerably more spacious as the fleet had reduced from eighty boats in the first race to just over half that for the second.
A theme was developing as David lead up the first beat, followed by Nigel then Dave. Unfortunately for Nigel the boom attacked him during a gybe, thankfully with no resulting injury, which cost him second place. Although once recovered he appeared to be gaining on Dave during the following offwind legs. David was showing good technique upwind in the now extremely short choppy conditions which led to a comfortable victory over Dave with Nigel in third.

Race 3

After another uneventful start in a now even smaller fleet David lead once again at the windward mark with Dave five boat lengths back followed closely by Nigel. During the first downwind leg Dave threw it in again whilst under pressure from Nigel, but a quick recovery meant his race wasn’t over just yet.
On the subsequent beat David and Nigel went left, which most had done during the course of the day, whilst Dave decided to take a chance to the right to try and salvage something. Luckily this paid which meant Dave made considerable gains on the leading pair. David was still in the lead at the windward mark but Dave had squeaked back into second.
Once David, followed by Dave, passed through the start finish line on the next lap the finishing flag was raised a few moments later. This meant that the Race Officer finished Nigel when he crossed the line some 40 second behind Dave. Some may think this made Nigel a winner no matter what happened as he’d be the first back on shore thawing out his hands and feet.
It also meant that the pressure was on David and Dave as any serious mistake would be punished due to the average lap time scoring system. Dave duly obliged by not concentrating on the bear away at the windward mark and going for a brief swim. He assured the nearby safety boat crew of his well being by some voluble swearing at the elements as he dragged his weary limbs back into his D-Zero once again.
David was once again lead D-Zero and as it transpired Dave just beat Nigel into second.

Ducking for cover Photo copyright: Tim Olin

Nigel was unable attend the pursuit race the following day and headed home that evening.
The camaraderie amongst the D-Zero fleet was highlighted as David and Nigel pushed Dave’s car out of the mud that it was bogged down in. Just what was needed after four exhausting hours on the water…

Day Two

The two remaining D-Zero’s decided against taking part in Sunday’s non-discardable pursuit race. The wind appeared even stronger than the previous day and with aches and pains a plenty it was deemed the sensible decision was to give it a miss and head home early.

A quick word of thanks to the whole race and safety team for their work in some pretty trying conditions.


Rank Sail No Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Pursuit Total Nett
41st 132 David SUMMERVILLE -45 35 28 119 DNC 227 182
43rd 105 Dave WOODS -60 36 35 119 DNC 250 190
45th 128 Nigel AUSTIN -51 42 36 119 DNC 248 197

Full Results can be found here: Tiger Trophy Results

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