As February quickly heads towards March the days lengthen and the start of the traditional sailing season for many people draws closer all eyes are being turned towards Alexandra Palace and the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2016.

The 2016 show will be the third year of displaying this fantastic, modern single hander following its launch at the show in 2014.  Since launch the D-Zero has proved to be one of the UK’s fastest growing class associations With fleets not only appearing across the UK, but across the world.  It’s been a fast paced couple of years and this pace looks set to continue!


Busy times on D-Zero stand at the 2015 show. Photo Credit D-Zero Class Association

This year sees a change of halls for the D-Zero class. from being close to the Main stage last year in the West Hall we are in the Great Hall this year on stand C2. This is near the Holt Blow Boat competition and just opposite our friends (and builder) at Suntouched Sailboats/Devoti Sailing who are on stand C6.

There will be a total of 3 D-Zeros on display at the show. 1 will be on the Class Association stand and 2 will be on the Suntouched/Devoti stand, one of which, we understand, will be sporting the prototype ‘flip up’ rudder which will soon be ready for market and be available as an option on new boats and will fit on existing boats.

Our friends at Suntouched Sailboats are also promising a couple of exciting D-Zero options which will be displayed on their stand but they are remaining tight lipped which has added to the anticipation of those attending the show!

The youngest member of the D-Zero Fleet shows that sailing a D-Zero really is childs play. Photo Credit D-Zero Class Association

The class stand, which was incredibly busy last year, will be staffed by enthusiastic members of the Class Association who will be supported by the Sales team from Suntouched Sailboats. Sadly the youngest member of the D-Zero fleet who charmed many visitors will not be attending this year as she has since learnt to walk and he dad is not sure that Alexandra Palace is quite robust enough to keep her contained.

So if you are thinking of joining the D-Zero fleet and want to see what Suntouched Sailboats and the Class Association have to offer then visit us on stand C2 (for the Class Association) and stand C6 (Suntouched Sailboats/Devoti Sailing).