At the time of writing entries are well into the 20s and the forecast is looking good for the weekend. So if you are still not sure then what else do you need us to do to change your mind? Entry on the day is possible but you must be a CA member to compete at the event (Event membership is available to non-boat owners who have borrowed/chartered a boat).

Yorkshire Dales are making their final preparations and are offering a meal on the Saturday evening as well as having the bar open for the usual post race chat and banter.

The current offering is Chicken with Coriander, CousCous and Rice with a selection of puddings for the princely sum of £10/head. There will be a vegetarian option available.

If you want the meal we do need an idea of numbers so the caterers can ensure they have enough to feed us all. So please either comment on the Facebook post to say you would like it or (if you don’t use Facebook) please complete the form below: