With the National Championships rapidly approaching now is a good time to remind people that the early entry discount finishes on the 30th April. Do make sure you have got your entry in by then to take advantage and save yourself £14. Preparations are moving along nicely and we have already confirmed that VR Sport.tv will be filming and SailRacer will be providing live tracking for the event. So don’t delay click here to go to the entry form and get your entry in!

We have also been asked for an entry list, we know there are several people who have said they are definitely coming so expect to see the list growing over the coming weeks:

1 Paul Jefferies GBR188
2 Stacey Bray GBR260
3 Nigel Austin GBR191
4 John Aston GBR3
5 Joe Constable GBR8
6 Richard Major GBR169
7 Gavin Vaughan GBR232
8 Adrian Coates GBR230
9 Abby Freeley GBR183
10 Simon Wood GBR231
11 Tim Weeden GBR186
12 Paul Murphy GBR218
13 David Summerville GBR227
14 Krishan Bhogal GBR7
15 Steve Bolland GBR11
16 Neil Washington GBR71
17 Jon Cowper GBR42
18 Ed Deacon GBR122
19 Ian Morgan GBR250
20 Dave Woods GBR175
21 Charlie Ellse GBR 238
22 Stuart Brown GBR 239
23 Seb Prowse GBR170
24 Gordon Stewart GBR181
25 Tom Southwell GBR217
26 Jim Scott GBR123
27 Gary Tompkins GBR158
28 Ellie Craig GBR195
29 Mick Green GBR182
30 Peter Jenkins GBR173
31 Darren Williams GBR114
32 Hugo Helene GBR132
33 David Valentine GBR66
34 Pete McCoy GBR29
35 Martin Latimer GBR57
36 Tom Ballingall GBR185
37 Steve Bromley GBR267
38 James Edmond GBR208