At the time of writing the current entry list is as follows:

Paul Jefferies GBR74
David Valentine GBR66
Tim Weeden GBR312
Thomas Whitehead GBR128
Joe Constable GBR8
Martin Latimer GBR57
Mick Green GBR182
Simon Boylin GBR311
John Adams GBR104
John Aston GBR3
David Berbyshire GBR308
Gordon Stewart GBR181
Tom Ballingall GBR185
Christian Smart GBR175
Liz Potter GBR187
Kevin Moll GBR193
Mark Aldous GBR201
Tom Southwell GBR217
Sebastian Prowse GBR170
James Gerwat GBR283
Callum Aldous GBR115
Dan Holman GBR TBC
John Pickett GBR314
Mike Corney GBR179
Stuart Pybus GBR195
Nigel Austin GBR191
Emily Britton GBR190
Julian Burnham GBR129
Niel Ritchie GBR305
Neil Washington GBR71
Stacey Bray GBR260
Alistair Storky McLaughlin GBR22
Jon Cowper GBR42
Paul Murphy GBR218
Gavin Fleming GBR183
Steve Bolland GBR11
Colin Glover GBR227
Jamie Southwell GBR188
Gary Tompkins GBR158
Richard Le Mare GBRtbc*
Vanessa Weedon-Jones GBR122*
Dave Blagden GBR123*

NB An asterisk next to your name means we are just waiting for confirmation of your payment into the bank (or the Chair has not had time to check the updated transactions).