With just 1 week to go until the D-Zero class gathers at the Mount Batten Center in Plymouth, hosted by Plymouth Youth Sailing, for their 2018 National Championships a short update is in order.

We are pleased to announce that entry number 40 has just been received by the Class and, as promised, the Class Chair will buy entry number 41 a pint (or drink of their choice)  so hurry before someone else beats you to it! With the long range forecast looking favorable for both wind and sun there are no more excuses not to come…..

A few bits of Admin are also in order. The Notice of Race can be found by clicking here.  The SIs can be found by clicking here.

Early Arrivals

The venue have said they will welcome early arrivals and we know many people are planning to arrive on Thursday. The organisers will be on site from mid-morning Thursday and the dinghy park should be laid out by you entry number as per the list below:

1 Paul Jefferies GBR188
2 Stacey Bray GBR260
3 Nigel Austin GBR191
4 John Aston GBR3
5 Joe Constable GBR8
6 Richard Major GBR169
7 Gavin Vaughan GBR232
8 Adrian Coates GBR230
9 Abby Freeley GBR183
10 Simon Wood GBR231
11 Tim Weeden GBR186
12 Paul Murphy GBR218
13 David Summerville GBR227
14 Krishan Bhogal GBR7
15 Steve Bolland GBR11
16 Neil Washington GBR71
17 Jon Cowper GBR42
18 Ed Deacon GBR122
19 Ian Morgan GBR250
20 Dave Woods GBR175
21 Charlie Ellse GBR 238
22 Stuart Brown GBR 239
23 Seb Prowse GBR170
24 Gordon Stewart GBR181
25 Tom Southwell GBR217
26 Jim Scott GBR123
27 Gary Tompkins GBR158
28 Ellie Craig GBR195
29 Mick Green GBR182
30 Peter Jenkins GBR173
31 Darren Williams GBR114
32 Hugo Helene GBR132
33 David Valentine GBR66
34 Pete McCoy GBR29
35 Martin Latimer GBR57
36 Tom Ballingall GBR185
37 Steve Bromley GBR267
38 James Edmond GBR208
39 Jamie Southwell GBR121
40 Alistair Mclaughlin GBR214/22
41 David Bartlett GBR141
42 Matthew Whitfield GBR0

The organisers have said that going sailing on Thursday is possible but at their is no official safety cover for us then you must sign out and back in and they recommend a buddy system. the sailing area is approximately 30 minutes from the launch area depending on the wind/tide conditions.

Thursday Social?

With a lot of people turning up on the Thursday a social dinner/evening is on the cards. There are a few places close to the venue or the water taxi could be taken over to the Plymouth side where there is a wide range of restaurant pubs and bars…. This will probably be organised a bit ad-hoc on the day but expressions of interest/ideas would be good. If you are on Facebook then surf on over to the group. If not then drop the Chair a line using the Chairperson contact page.