Harken D-Zero UK Open and National Championships – Early Entry reminder, Friday Social and Dan Holman

Early entry reminder…

With the nationals now just over 6 weeks away (at the time of writing) it is time for a gentle reminder that entry fees do go up on the 1st June. So to save yourself a few quid simply click here and get your entry and payment in.

Friday evening social

Our very own Steve Bolland has booked the Balti island for Friday evening. If you want to come and join the fun you will need to let him know either by Facebook, email, messenger or by clicking here (we will ensure this is passed on to him). The is a limit of 46 for this as that is how many people can be seated. The venue will want to know number no later than a week beforehand so if we do no fill it they can at allow bookings for the remaining tables.

The evening will be a 2 part affair with us convening at The Cove pub first then moving down to the Balti Island in smaller groups so they are not overwhelmed with everyone ordering at once. The Cove is about 10-15 minutes walk from WPNSA and the Balti Island a couple more minutes on from there.


This year we are going to be running a buddy system. The winning ‘buddy’ team will be the proud owners of the above, matching trophies. After day 1 buddies will be assigned as follows:

Leader with mid-fleet boat
2nd with mid-fleet +1
and so on

The prize will not be awarded purely on results (or you and your buddy buying the class chair a beer). We are looking for people to help each other out, exchange ideas. This is very much an experiment this year and if you have any good ideas for awarding the prize then do drop me a line by clicking here.

Dan the man!

Yes the rumours are true. The designer of the D-Zero and the winner of the very first D-Zero UK National Championships is coming out to play this year. The class have secured him the use of the boat through the UK distributor dzero.co.uk. So if you want your chance to test your mettle against him you know what to do.

Dan has recently been seen in his International 14 where he gave a good account of himself at the worlds and was 2nd in the UK 5o5 UK Nationals. He was heard to complain that he can’t hike and will be borrowing some hikers… A sign of a weakness? Maybe not but time will tell…

We look forward to seeing him in Weymouth and a lot more of you for our 5th anniversary event.


The Adventures of Zippy Zero – Zippy, Hannah and the Great Yorkshire Tea Monster


DZero.co.uk/Chichester Harbour Gin D-Zero Scottish Championships

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  1. Gary Tompkins

    Could I enter please. Gary Tompkins D Zero 158.

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