Following the brilliant success of the D-Zero sales promotion, we are able to extend this offer from today until the 14th January 2018, or the first 20 new boats sold during this period.

We know some people missed out on the original promotion and are pleased to able to offer a second chance. This is positively the last chance, this will not happen again!

A recent delivery of new D-Zeros arriving from Devoti, with more on the way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the vibrant and nationally active D-Zero fleet! From to-day until the 14th January 2018, Suntouched are offering £1,000 (one thousand Pounds) discount from the list price of a new D-Zero, including any trolleys, covers and upgrades.

The D-Zero is recognised as being one of the most exciting of the new generation dinghies with appeal to all, from beginners to the most discerning experienced racers. With a choice of the standard sail or the smaller blue sail, a very wide weight range is covered for competitive sailing.

With fleets country wide, from Cornwall to Scotland, and a comprehensive regatta program, the racing sailor can enjoy the D-Zero experience.

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email: Tel: 0208 133 0104 or 07734 251033

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