It is that time of year again, your D-Zero Class Association membership subscription is due.

Thank you to those who have already renewed along with their National and Inland Championships entries. For those of you who have not rejoining the Class Association is simple. You can either do it in with your 2019 Inland Championships Entry or your 2019 Harken National Championships Entry. If you are not planning on attending either of these fantastic events you can join by completing the form located here.

What do you for your money? Well we have a great website to maintain, a well supported open meting calendar, fantastic National, Inland, Northern and Scottish championship events. none of these would be possible without the Class Association working hard in the background to organise venues, source sponsors and make sure everyone knows about them.

You also get a voice with the class builder and consultation on the class rules as well as the chance to vote on if you agree or disagree with the changes. Some of the recent changes to the rules have come directly from suggestions from our membership.

Going forward we are looking to include member only content on the class association website and class organised (and hopefully subsidised/sponsored) training events.

Finally a please. With the class growing we are always on the lookout for people who can spare a little bit of their time to support the class. Whether that is writing some content for the website, contacting potential sponsors, helping with the administration of the class or whatever you feel you can offer. Please do get in touch by clicking here.