Nationals 2016 Entry Form

Please complete the form below to confirm your 2016 Nationals Entry. 2016 CA dues are £29 and can be paid along with your nationals entry fee, please ensure you tick the ‘Paying 2016 CA Dues’ if you do this. The amount to pay is as follow:

Entries up to 10th June 2016 £60 (£89 if paying CA dues at the same time)

Entries after 10th June 2016 £75 (£104 if paying CA dues as the same time)

BACS Payments should be made to:

Bank – Lloyds Bank
Name – D Zero Class Association
Sort # 30-84-76
Acc # 62707668

IBAN: GB89LOYD30847662707668

Please use your Surname and Sail number as the reference.

Cheques should be sent to (all Cheques must be received prior to the 10th June 2016):

D-Zero Nationals 2016 Entry
c/o 7 Paddocks Chase
Offord Cluny
PE19 5ZE

Please write your sail number on the back of the cheque.

You must be a paid up D-Zero CA member in order to enter the nationals (temporary CA membership is available to non-boat owners for this event).


Suntouched D-Zero National Championships 2016


Suntouched Sailboats appoints D-Zero Northern Agent


  1. Graham

    When does the annual CA membership run from? (Date of payment, Jan of year, some date during year?)

    • Paul Jefferies

      Hi Graham,

      The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. As you paid with your nationals entry your membership will be valid through to 31st March 2017. We just thought it would make it easier if we offered paying CA subs with Nationals Entry.



  2. Elmar Friedrich


    I’m a former FInn sailor GER 156 in Germany.

    I’m thinking in buying a D- Zero.

    Question: Is there already a class association in Germany or how does it work ?

    • Paul Jefferies

      Hi Elmar,

      As far as i am aware the UK Class Association is the only one set up and running so far. If you contact Suntouched Sailboats in the UK they may know more (or your local Devoti distributor if there is one in Germany). The fleet in the UK is growing nicely and it seems we are taking the lead with getting a Class Association up and running and are happy to help and support the class in other countries too.


      Paul (Webmaster and Publicity Officer UK D-Zero Class Association)

  3. Friedrich

    Hi Paul,
    today I riged my D-Zero first time. As a former FINN sailor I was thinking about passing the outhaul in the boom. Do Class rules allow this ?
    Yours sincerly – best regards
    Ger 126

    • Paul Jefferies

      Hi Elmar,

      I will check with the Technical person and come back to you on this.



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