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Pimps and Bimbles page updated – Alternative Traveller setup

The Pimps and Bimbles page has been updated with details of an alternative traveller setup that has appeared on GBR66.

Click here to take a look.

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2 Comments to "Pimps and Bimbles page updated – Alternative Traveller setup"

  1. Robert Smith. says:

    Hi, can anyone please tell me what the advantage the alternative traveller arrangement might be on the normal arrangement? Many thanks, Rob.

  2. jeffers1974 says:

    Hi Robert,

    I have spoken to the owner of GBR66 and he says his reasons for changing this are as follows:

    1) Reduces any potential for chafing of the rope where is passed through the hull.

    2) Reduces any potential for breakage due to chafing of the rope

    3) Easier to maintain as it is easier to get the required tension on as there are less spliced and loops that could slip/creep

    4) In the event of a breakage it is easier to jury rig on the water meaning you could complete the race.

    On my boat I have the original 1 piece solution still and aside from the tension I have had no other issues.



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