Gaz in action at the 2015 D-Zero Inlands. Photo Copyright Paul Hargreaves

Fancy some sea training prior to the D-Zero 2016 Nationals? Then your request has been answered.

Gaz Henshall and the Shotwick D-Zero fleet are planning to go to Pwhlleli on the 7th and 8th May 2016 for 2 days of sea training. There are a total of 12 spaces available and the attendees will need to cover the cost of hiring a RIB from Pwhlleli for the 2 days. Gaz estimates that this cost will be no more than £35/head for the 2 days as long as all the places are filled.

The plan is that day 1 Gaz will run the training from the RIB then will join the boats on the water for day 2 with the RIB performing safety cover. The idea of the weekend is for people to get some sea experience prior to the Nationals as well as get some coaching in and, of course, having fun.

Places will be allocated on a 1st come 1st served basis and are limited to 12 as any more will require an additional RIB.

For Facebook users Gaz will create an event in invite you to it. For non Facebook people Gaz will email you the details.

Anyone interested should complete the form at the bottom of this post.

The more eagle eyed amongst you will notice that this is also the weekend of the POSH Regatta so there are 2 sea based events that weekend for anyone wanting to get some salt water experience in.

A little bit about Gaz. He is an accomplished sailor (as his performance at the 2015 Inlands will attest where he did 1 day, it was his first competitive outing in his D-Zero and he was at the sharp end of the fleet). He is also on the WYA coaching team for their Topper and Laser squads and has coached the GBR Topper squad in the past.