The class will decide by the 1st May 2020 if the UK National Championships will take place.

The D-Zero Class has made a general statement with regards to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, you can read it by clicking here.

To try to address people concerns or questions with regards to the RSK National Championships the Class has spoken to the host venue and outlined a number of scenarios:

  1. There are no travel restrictions imposed and the event goes ahead as planned with good attendance.
  2. We get very few entries as people don’t want to travel and it is the essentially the Scottish fleet and a handful of others from the south. The event runs on reduced numbers if the CA considers this to be a valid nationals?
  3. We decide it is not a valid event due to few people willing to travel / we decide it is not responsible to hold the event and the D-Zero CA cancels the event and we refund all entries made.
  4. The club decides they are not able to host the event due to risk or government dictate.

We are happy to advise that Largs SC are being very flexible for us and are happy with all of the scenarios detailed above. We are hopeful it will be scenario 1.

Should scenarios 3 or 4 come in to play then all entry fees will be refunded.

With this in mind the host club and the class would ask that people who are definitely intending to come get their entries in sooner rather than later to help with any contingency planning that may be required.