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A gbying handle example

As Class Association members will recall the class conducted an email vote on some rule changes with a view to allowing some by dispensation until the next AGM.

We have now managed to get the rule wording back from the Technical Authority and are pleased to announce that JC Straps and Gybing handles are allowed by dispensation until the AGM which is scheduled to be held at the Nationals in June. At the AGM a formal vote will be conducted and the rules changes adopted if they are accepted. The full wording of the 2 rules in question are given below for reference:

Gybing Handles:

One gybing strop may be added, defined as a length of rope, of maximum 6mm diameter, attached to the aft kicker (vang) deckeye on the top of the boom. The length of the gybing strop, measured from the underside of the boom and including any block or ring, shall not exceed 40cms. The gybing strop shall only be used during the gybing manoeuvre.

JC Strap:

A “J.C” strap may be fitted to pull the boom forward whilst sailing downwind. The maximum unstretched elastic diameter permitted is 8mm.


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  1. JC Strap. A very good idea. As I had one on my FINN I was missing it badly going downwind in lighter winds. What means “JC” ?
    GER 126 Friedrich

  2. garyguild2013

    John Christianson.

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