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D-Zero Winter Series Round 5 – The Bloody Mary

As the 12th January approached the hardy D-Zero sailors who had signed on for the 2019 Bloody Mary were watching the forecast with much trepidation. It looked like there might be a repeat of the event in 2015 when it was extremely windy. However, on the day the conditions were ‘nice to a bit full on at times’ rather than the wind apocalypse that was feared by most. The other big news was that Nick Craig, after his success at the Brass Monkey in light conditions, had returned for another go. This time he borrowed the UK D-Zero dealers personal boat for the event whilst waiting to take delivery of his own. Nick needs no introduction and already has some of his own ideas on making the D-Zero go fast despite his short time in the boat.  The current UK National Champion Steve Bolland also came out of hibernation for the day to test his mettle and enjoy some winter racing.

Photo Copyright Tim Olin

With some 242 entries for the event and the race being a pursuit it was always going to be about managing the traffic and passing the slower boats without losing too much time to them and getting involved in luffing matches. Nick showed the rest of the D-Zero fleet a clean pair of heels and managed to make his way through the traffic to finish 40th overall and take the D-Zero class prize. Steve Bolland took 2nd in class and 88th overall with Tom Southwell completing the class podium in 132nd overall.

Photo copyright Tim Olin

There were grins all round on the day especially from class stalwart Nigel Austin who was asked by Nick to check he had rigged the boat correctly. Nigel, being the fine upstanding fellow that he is, fulfilled his task admirably and nothing went awry.

So overall in the D-Zero Winter series the top 3 remain unchanged with Tom still topping the pile but the gaps are closing with Nigel and Andrew now tied on points for second place with the latter taking it on countback at present. Nick shoots up the standings to 4th place but is unlikely to do any more events in the series in a D-Zero as he has other commitments (including flying off to New Zealand for the OK World Championships, we wish him luck and fair winds).  There are a number of other D-Zero sailors who could get involved with the top 3 and with 3 events still to go anyone who has done at least 1 event can do enough to not carry and DNC scores. for full results please click here.

Photo Copyright Mark Jardine

In the Selden SailJuice Winter series overall standings Tom is now the leading D-Zero in 18th overall climbing 4 places with Andrew Spencer in 25th dropping a whopping 16 places Nick moves up to 45th climbing 40 places and Nigel is in 57th climbing 14 places.

In the Top Class standings the D-Zero remains in 5th place within reach of the classes in front. With 2 events still to go there is still all to play for.

From here the D-Zero Winter series moves on to the Steve Nicholson Trophy at Northampton SC. This event is not part of the Selden SalJuice Winter Series and you must enter online. This can be done by clicking here, do not leave it too late though as this event is always full before the entry deadline arrives.

D-Zero Winter Series 2018/2019

Photo Copyright Tim Olin

People have asked if we will be running the D-Zero Winter Series again this year. The answer is YES. The overall winner of the series gets to carry ‘W’ on their sail to denote that they are the Winter series champion (if they wish). The series this year will encompass all the events on the Selden SailJuice.com Winter Series along with the Steve Nicholson Trophy at Northampton SC.

The series will consist of a total of 8 events with your 4 best scores to count.

Entry for the Selden SailJuice events can be done online by clicking here.

Entry for the Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy will be available by clicking here (when they open it).

The full list of events:

17th/18th November 2018 – Draycote Dash, Draycote Water SC
8th/9th December 2018 – Datchet Flyer, Datchet Water SC
27th December 2018 – Brass Monkey, Yorkshire Dales SC
30th December 2018 – Grafham grand Prix, Grafham Water SC
12th January 2019 – The Bloody Mary, Queen Mary SC
26th January 2019 – Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy, Northampton SC
2nd/3rd February 2019 – Tiger Trophy, Rutland Water SC
16th February 2019 – Oxford Blue, Oxford SC

Upcoming Events January 2017

With entry for the Brass Monkey at Yorkshire Dales on the 27th December now full and a long entrant making the journey north attention is shifting to the January winter series events.

On the 2nd January we have the 4th Event of our Winter Series, the Grafham Grand Prix which already has entries in to double figures and promises of more to come from the large home fleet and other locals.

From there we move quickly on to the Bloody Mary on the 7th January for round 5 followed by the Steve Nicholson Trophy at Northampton on the 28th January. there are currently 6 bats entered for each of these events. With entry to the Steve Nicholson Trophy capped at 120 and entries starting to come in thick and fast it is important that you get signed up if you want to go. Online entry links for all events are posted below.

2nd January 2017 – Grafham GP – Enter Here

7th January 2017 – Bloody Mary – Enter Here

28th January 2017 – Steve Nicholson Trophy – Enter Here

Bloody Mary 2016 Report and Results

Ian Morgan leads the D-Zero fleet home at the Bloody Mary. Photo Copyright Jeremy Carey

On the 9th January 2016 the D-Zero fleet consisting of 9 Grey rigs and 1 Blue rig descended on Queen Mary SC for the 2016 Bloody Mary pursuit race which is round 7 of the D-Zero Winter Series 2015/2016 and Round 6 of the GJW Direct Sailjuice Winter Series 2015/2016. It was clear from the forecast that the conditions were likely to be challenging. Early reports from people at the event suggested a gusty wind that built throughout the event which favoured the later starting faster boats. With 247 boats on the water traffic was a constant consideration and those who could find or make gaps definitely held and advantage.

Mike Corney ‘on the edge’ (he went a bit far the next time and sampled the waters). Photo Credit Jeremy Carey

Nigel Austin GBR191 reports on his day:

Despite the frenzied flurry on Facebook the previous night, the bacon rolls were still there when I rocked up at 10am, as was a non muddy spot to rig, unlike most I think! It was actually the disabled car bay, but more on that later.

With growing anticipation and a growing wind blowing straight onto the launching slipways, 9 D-Zeros set off for a crowded start line, setting off 34 minutes after the Toppers, it seemed a tall order. Ian Morgan was once again off like a greyhound chasing the rabbit, whilst the rest of us attempting to form a posse like approach to chasing down the slower handicap boats. The problem was the wind force kept on changing from about 15 knots to squalls of 25 possibly even slightly higher. This led to some instability of boats ( no names just initials MC) plus some pretty hairy mark rounding as the asymmetrics descended from every angle possible claiming room from 20 boat lengths out – check bullying policy next time!.

With young Mr Tom Southwell firmly established as 2nd D-Zero (obviously had 2x full breakfast’s), the fight for 3,4,5 built nicely, with Mike Corney sneaking through ahead of me and Dave Woods, although Dave was extremely unlucky to be forced to tack round at the leeward mark, when a Finn I think, denied him room.

It was so crowded it was difficult to see Rob Campbell, Alistair Hill, Kevin Moll and Seb Prowse but they did all finish which is a brilliant achievement in itself. Graham Cox in the D-Zero blue also did, after making a great start. the biggest challenge was the return to the leeward shore and it felt a bit like finding a spot in breakers when surfing, miss it and you risked being driftwood!!

I am sure we all survived, but I didn’t quite manage to in the boat park when a 505 mast fell on my head when it was being de-rigged! As Sarah, my long suffering wife said, was the mast damaged?. It may knock some sense into my sailing upwind at the Steve Nicholson, no rhythm!

Well done to all and although, on handicap, we didn’t quite shine, it is an experience and most will not forget the increasing choppy and congested waters as the race progressed.

Graham Cox poses for the camera. Photo Credit Jeremy Carey

So the class results were as follows (overall result in brackets):

1st (90th) Ian Morgan
2nd (130th) Tom Southwell
3rd (133rd) Mike Corney (despite his swim)
4th (138th) Nigel Austin
5th (146th) Dave Woods
6th (169th) Rob Campbell
7th (170th) Seb Prowse
8th (205th) Graham Cox (Blue rig)
8th (207th) Kevin Moll

The D-Zero Winter Series Results will be updated shortly along with the GJW Direct Sailjuice Overall, Youth and Top Class standing.

Rob Campbell and Seb Prowse have a drag race. Photo Copyright Jeremy Carey

From here the class moves on the the Steve Nicholson Trophy at Northampton SC on the 30th January for round 8 of the D-Zero Winter Series followed by the Tiger Trophy a week later to conclude the series. The Steve Nicholson Trophy is not a GJW Sailjuice Winter Series event this year but you can enter online by clicking here. At the time of writing there are 6 D-Zeros entered. If you are thinking of entering make sure you do it sooner rather than later as this event is always popular and is usually full well in advance of the day.

Fianlly thank you to Jeremy Carey for being class photographer for the day (I am sure there is a good reason he didn’t sail). You can see his full album by clicking here. Tim Olin has also now posted his photos from the event, you can really see how congested the racecourse gets. Click here to view them.

D-Zeros at the Bloody Mary 2015

Russ Hopkins at a very windy Bloody Mary Photo (c) Tom Gruitt

Saturday 10th January 2015….a fairly innocuous date.  A date however that would be remembered by many.  For it was the date of the 2015 Bloody Mary the 5th in a series of 8 events that make up part of the GJW Sail Juice winter series.  More importantly, it was the 4th round of the much coveted D-Zero winter travellers’ series.

Much had been made of a new weather phenomenon.  A phenomenon that was confusing meteorologists around the world.  Christened the ‘Russ Hopkins’ Effect.  This effect had the characteristics of turning an otherwise well forecasted sailing event into a drift-athon.  Scientist were confident this effect had to come to an end eventually.  Luckily for our committed hard core winter racers they were proved right.  What then followed however, was not planned.

From as early as Monday last week there were mutterings around the sailing community.  Mutterings of biblical winds sent by Aeolus as a punishment for the Great Lakes handicapping system…This did not deter 5 maniacs from the D-Zero fleet pre-entering (either that or they had money to launder)

Saturday Morning had arrived, with a true to forecast 25 knot gusting 40knt wind.  Frankly if the wind did not drop slightly the race would have either been complete carnage or abandoned.  Hopkins arrived early….too early, this lad is so keen to beat Daniel Holman in any way possible, that getting to the club earlier is now becoming a competition!  Some say that’s sad…Hopkins Mum would say its character building!  Sadly only 3 D-Zeros made it to the start line with the others that had been pre-entered or planned to enter on the day making excuses. (I’m not sure Stuart Bailey knows what a wet look perm is, perhaps he should of googled it before using it as an excuse)

After a short postponement for the winds to die the fleet were launched into a now constant 20knt.  The D-Zero’s were start 36, sharing with the Phantom and Halo fleet as well as the Aero 9.

Dan Holman leaves the shore to head into the fray Photo Credit: Jeremy Cooper

Holman shot off leaving Hopkins to wondering why his GoPro kept falling off and why both his watches hadn’t beeped.  Cooper was somewhere in the lake.  But couldn’t be seen.  Eventually the other two Zeros crossed the line.  To be honest the race officer could have swapped the gun for a Russell Crowe sound bite ‘On my Mark unleash hell’ because frankly it was!  Hopkins held his own overtaking some slower boats and pulling places until a massive capsize left him in a worse position than when he started.  Sadly for Cooper a big capsizes had flung him onto his mainsail causing some damage which put him out of contention.  Holman was flying and finished a respectable 15th Hopkins survived and finished (at least) in 52nd.

Overall results leave Hopkins in 10th place overall in the GJW sail juice series with Holman closely following in 15th.

Next event sees the D-Zero fleet descend on Northampton sailing club on the 18th January for the Steve Nicholson memorial race. With 6 D-Zeros pre-entered it looks to be hotly contested yet again!

Some video footage from the event:

Full Results can be found here: Bloody Mary Results

Plenty of chat on our Facebook page

Thinking of buying a D-Zero? Then you need to speak to Suntouched Sailboats

Bloody Mary this weekend 10th January

Good luck to the 4 D-Zero sailors who are travelling to Queen Mary SC for the Bloody Mary.

This is round 5 of the GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series see http://events.sailracer.org/eventsites/content.asp?id=39256&eventid=195890 for more details.

Russ Hopkins is currently leading the D-Zero fleet for the winter series, can anyone get ahead and depose him?

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