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D-Zero Nationals Report – wild and windy at Brixham

The 2022 D-Zero Nationals at Brixham Yacht Club, kindly supported by Barracuda Bay beachwear, kicked off on Thursday evening with everyone searching for a forecast they liked but one thing was for sure, it was going to blow!

Several early-birds got there in plenty of time, and some sailors were out Wednesday & Thursday practicing in the bay, with the hope of getting ahead of the pack, though winds were light and very few waves. Others sampled the local foods and refreshments.

A group of sailboats on the water

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Racing started on Friday with the long run out from the shelter of the harbour into the full force of the wind and building waves. The brave and foolhardy made it to the racecourse with gusts into the mid 30knts pushing the limits on the gybes. The leading pack was quickly established, lead convincingly by supremo Nick Craig with Tom Southwell, Niel Ritchie, Jon Bassett and David Valentine troubling his transom.

The trapezoid course allowed close competition on the uphill, some awesome reaching to a wild bearaway and downhill playing in the waves, rewarded by another fun reach to complete a lap, and with at least 3 laps to challenge everyone and allow close racing.

The second race brought even more wind and the D-Zero showed just how well it could cope with the confused waves and sea. Most of the fleet went left and was surprised by those coming in from the right with Jon Bassett leading Nick Craig for the first lap until order was restored and Nick Craig powered away. Two races of around an hour were enough and the fleet enjoyed the long beat back against the waves so that stories of battles fought could begin in the bar.

One thing for certain was the sailors were, despite their tiredness, still managing to have a happy grin on their faces, and pleased to have the Brixham team helping recovery on the slipway, led by the Commodore in his wetsuit greeting everyone in the water.

Boats were checked over, with a few ropes being replaced, though otherwise only tired limbs were apparent.

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After an excellent fish n chips at the club and sticky toffee pud or ice cream sundaes, day two arrived with sunshine, a little more breeze and three races scheduled. Another long run to the race area and the fleet was starting to master the conditions. Race 3 saw Jon Bassett leading round the windward mark but getting to know the wet stuff when he remembered the lack of tape on the tiller extension. Tom Southwell, Niel Ritchie and Darren Williams pushed Nick Craig all the way round the course and started to make it all look easy. A tight fleet and true one design class made mistakes costly and gave close racing for everyone.

Race 4 and there was no let up in the wind with gusts of 42knts recorded across the course. Liz Potter put in a stunning performance after a poorly rigged halyard slipped in race 3 she sailed the rest of the day with no downhaul, still claiming and 8th and 11th in race 5. David Valentine had a great last leg battle with Darren Williams and Willie Todd, though managed to hang out further and pip them at the line after a very fast reach with seconds between them at the gun.

Very few capsizes even in some super gusts, with the D-Zero helping the sailors to keep sunny side up, and creating some fantastic shots for Georgie Altham @ Photoboat as everyone scorched round the course.

A sailboat in the water

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Race 5 and Nick Craig was a clear winner with Tom Southwell and Niel Ritchie fighting for silver and Jon Bassett and David Valentine scrapping for 4th. Willie Todd after a good series made his presence felt with 4th and the ever-present Darren Williams was again in the mix. Three races and we were done. The upwind beat home in the rain and disappearing coastline pushed sailors to the end, though again the fun and chat as we crossed each other was superb and cheerful, and clearly everyone was having a great weekend.

It has been interesting to see a variety of sailors over the weekend dealing with the conditions, and again, no ultimate height or weight was recorded with the Top 10 sailors ranging between 5ft 6in and 6ft 4, male and female, and 65kg to 100kg; though all had the same grin when they came back in…

Day 3 and the wind had built again. The Race Officer made the call to abandon racing on a wise safety reasoning though probably to everyone’s relief (apart from Nick Craig who was keen to go “I just love sailing”) and that was the Championships. 

After 5 punishing and challenging races the D-Zero had once again shown what a fantastic, fast and well-built boat it was with no breakages in the entire fleet. Fastest sailor was Gordon Stewart who was clocked at just under 17 knots carving through the chop, though was also a snorkel diver at one point as he charged through the waves not being able to see where he was going through the spray.

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Special mention for Simon Boylin, whom after deciding enough was enough, took the yacht he was staying aboard out to the course with a number of other sailors to watch the action, along with crab sandwiches and beers.

Final scores: 

1st & 2022 National Champion – Nick Craig
2nd Tom Southwell
3rd Niel Ritchie
4th Jon Bassett
5th David Valentine

1st Lady: Liz Potter

Full results can be found by clicking here.

Georgie Althams photos can be found by clicking here.

Lantern Rouge (most points without a DNS/RTD etc.): Martin Walker

Thanks go to the sponsors Barracuda Bay, Principal Race Officer Peter Lytton, Commodore Richard Spreckley leading his team all over the weekend and for being in the water to assist recovery on the narrow slip, plus everyone at Brixham Yacht Club, and our UK dealer dzero.co.uk who supported with splicing and spares as necessary.

Photo Credits: photoboat.co.uk Georgie Altham

The UK D-Zero Class Association – 28 June 2022

D-Zero Nationals – Wind forecast looking good

If you are still sitting on the fence then hopefully the wind forecast for the coming weekend will persuade you….

A bit lighter on the Friday but champagne conditions looking good for the rest of the weekend! Along with spot prizes from Barracuda Bay clothing and sunshine on the English Riviera, what more could you ask for?

You can find the entry form by clicking here.

Notice of AGM and Nationals length survey

The D-Zero Class Association AGM will take place a Brixham Yacht Club on the 25th June 2022 at approximately 19:30 (after the Saturday evening meal).

AGM Agenda for this year:

1) Welcome
2) Apologies for Absence
3) Chairperson Report
4) Treasurer Report
5) Membership Report
6) Builder Report
7) Technical Report
8) Nationals venues going forward – next 3 years all booked in
9) AOB

Last years AGM minutes can be seen using this link (anyone with the link can read): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yd44sZkSWud26di9nVCNz_9WCMNIbsiqEIA7grKxigw/edit?usp=sharing

At last years AGM we agreed to survey the membership with regards to the length of the Nationals as some people has indicated a longer event might be popular. We have created a survey here, please complete it: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ATFG2A/

D-Zero Nationals 2022 – Runner and Riders

With less than two weeks to go to the 2022 D-Zero Nationals, supported by Barracuda Bay clothing, at Brixham YC its time for the Runners and Riders List, the most accurate prediction of “form” that will no doubt fuel a frenzy of on-line betting and office sweep stakes across the nation. Before you rush to place your bets, and get excited about Euro Lottery sized windfalls  here’s the low down and options for spreading your risk.

Firstly you could look at the top of the entry list for guidance, which to me would have you risking your life savings on Paul Jefferies becoming our new National Champion, justly deserved after years of taking flak as class chairman, with Martin Latimer on the second step and “Tin Man” Dave Valentine one step down in third ……… Tim Weedon would make history by beating multiple national, european and world champion Nick Craig into fourth place. Am I on my second large whisky? …. toooo right I am. In your dreams guys ………

The fleet talent scouts, and Bet Fred stand-ins, have also been out looking to see who’s been sneaking in some pre-event training. Zippy had Liz Potter out at a winter European Training Camp (sailed in Aero’s which despite the heat didn’t melt!). Liz followed this up  with a training regime that included a sortie to the POSH regatta, other intense sailing outings and even an outward bound style 60 mile white water canoeing epic – serious stuff …. Could this be Liz’s year? The Largs bunch, ever hopeful, have been training in all sorts of weather; looking good in the heavy stuff with their San Francisco rolls perfected Billy McCarlie and Martin Latimer are looking forward to finishing some windy races with their masts upright. Jon Bassett is fast and looking confident and after a 3rd in the recent Noble Largs SC One Design D-Zero Fleet just behind a very quick, but sometimes too enthusiastic Niel Ritchie, Jon could be a top 5 contender this year. What about the Stork you might ask; well he’s entered, fit and ready to fight – he flies!

With no Dan Holman and a few top names missing this year Niel Ritchie could be a good bet for a top three and David Valentine is keen to show his windy weather pace. In the light stuff Tim Weeden could do well and Paul Jefferies is also fresh from beating up the opposition at Hunts SC. If the cameras are out “Poster Boy” Southwell will turn up the wick he can’t resist the limelight!

So with the dreaming over lets take a deeper dive into the entry list see what form says about who’ll take this year’s silverware:

Odds  on favourite has to be Nick Craig, beaten by COVID and Dan Holman last year. Nick has a record of winning numerous titles in various boats and recently took the D-One Gold Cup with 8 straight wins The smart money will be on Nick, but the odds won’t make you rich. 

Who else could give Nick a fight …. Stork in the light stuff, Niel Ritchie in heavy weather, David Valentine (if he’s doctored enough of the new boats), Tom Southwell if there’s film rights on offer … who knows?

In the mid fleet the Liz Potter, Jon Cowper, Gordon Stewart, Billy McCarlie, Martin Latimer, Mick Green (rumoured to be running a new boat and new sail) will carry on their usual battle that they all enjoy be it at Nationals, Northerns or Opens ….. if points for “being there” bring people to the front who knows what surprises they might deal out. 

So its all to play for ashore and afloat at Brixham on 24th-26th June, there’s no doubt regardless of who takes the top slots the winners will be the guys n girls of the D-Zero fleet who will no doubt have an epic event in an epic boat, fueled no doubt by a little epic socialising.

Watch this space for the real results

Roll of Honour – D-Zero National Champions

Dan Holman – 2015

Ian Morgan – 2016

George Cousins- 2017

Steve Bolland – 2018

Dan Holman- 2019

No Event – 2020

Dan Holman – 2021

Sure bet for MC Jock of the Day – David Valentine

RSK D-Zero National Championship 2021 at Largs Sailing Club - Overall
Not at Brixham to defend his 2022 Nationals title – Dan Holman

Nick Craig, fresh from his D-One Gold Cup win – is it his year to take the D-Zero title too?

D-Zero Class AGM – 25th June 2022 @ 19:30

The D-Zero Class Association AGM will take place on the 25th June 2022 @ 19:30 (approximately) at Brixham Yacht Club.

All D-Zero owners are invited to attend but only fully paid up Class Association members are entitled to vote.

An agenda will be published shortly, in the meantime if you have anything you would like to raise please submit it to the Class Chair by clicking here.

Events update – Nationals Entries and West Kirby Regatta

Just a quick update as things have been fairly quiet for the last few weeks. 7

We are in talks with a potential sponsor for the nationals, hopefully things will progress and we will make an announce very soon. On that note if you have not got your entry in please do so as soon as you can, we arer working closely with Brixham to get everything as ogranised as possible. We do know a few people have got accommodation booked but have not yet entered so please do get them in to help us with the organisational side.

Now for some bad news. West Kirby Council have decided to start work on a new sea defence a week before the West Kirby Regatta. As part of this they have commandeered a large car park, part of the West Kirby SC dinghy park and part of the marine lake. Lix and Zippy have thought long and hard about this and feel it is best if this event drops out from being a supported event as the sailing window is now very small with the use of the marine lake and lack of car and boat parking. You are free to travel to the event but it will no longer count towards the travellers trophy. Liz and ZIppy hope to see you all next year as the works should have been completed by then and things will be back to normal.

D-Zero Nationals Early Bird Entry discount expires tomorrow

Just a reminder that the Early Bird Entry discount expires at 23:59 tomorrow (30th April). Save yourself £15 by getting your entry in before then. We know a lot more people have said they are coming but we currently have 18 entries with a lot of definites missing….

To find out more on the Nationals click here, to jump straight to the entry form click here.

D-Zero Nationals 2022 – Early Entry Deadline approaching


The D-Zero Nationals at Brixham are rapidly approaching, as is the Early Bird entry deadline.

If you enter before 23:59 on the 30th April entry is a very reasonable £70, entries received after that are £85.

So save yourself a few quid in these times of increasing costs by getting your entry in before the early bird discount expires!

You can find out more by clicking here or jump straight to the entry form by clicking here.

The Class looks forward to seeing you all in Brixham for that Nationals from the 24th-26th June!

2022 Nationals Entry now open!

Here it is, entry to the event you have all been waiting for. Entry to the 2022 D-Zero National Championships is now open! You can jump direct to the entry form by clicking here.

Being held at Brixham Yacht Club 24th – 26th June 2022 we are hoping for warm weather and, more importantly, good winds!

Some important details you need to know:

Trailer Storage

Road Trailers cannot be kept in the dinghy park at Brixham Yacht Club. They can provide storage off site at a cost of £15/trailer for the duration of the event. Storage will be at the local Cricket Club. If you do not book road trailer storage you need to make arrangements to store your trailer offsite. There is no difference in charge between single and double trailers.

Car Parking

Car parking at the club is restricted to members only. There is a public car park opposite that has 24 hour parking and permits are available. The link to the car park information page is: https://www.torbay.gov.uk/roads/parking/car-parks/oxen-cove-cp/. You can see the permit options by clicking here: https://www.torbay.gov.uk/roads/parking/parking-permits/car-park-permits/, as there are no height restrictions those with camper vans may wish to take advantage.


Brixham are laying on fish and chips Friday night at a cost of £12/head. Saturday food is included for entrants with additional tickets available at a cost of £15/head, the menu can be found below:

Please book your food and make sure you let us know of any special dietry requirements.

Early Arrivals

Brixham have confirmed that people can arrive on the Thursday and stay to the Monday. If you wish to store your boat at the club for longer there is charge of £5/day outside of the Thursday to Monday event window.

There will also be an ad-hoc social/dinner on the Thursday for early arrivals.

Start of 2022 update

A very warm welcome to 2022 from the D-Zero Class Association. We know things have been very busy overt the festive period both on and off the water! Our friends over at Dzero.co.uk have been busy prepping and delivering the latest batch of boats as well as sending out lots of spares orders.

A number of boats have also changed hands so a warm welcome to those newcomers to the class.

2022 Nationals Update

The Class Committee have been working closely with the host venue, Brixham Yacht Club, to finalise the details so we can get the entry open as soon as we can. In the mean time do put the dates in your calendar, 24th-26th June 2022 and get your accommodation booked in. I know a number of people are already ahead of the game here, myself included!

Sponsorship update

The class committee are working hard to secure sponsors for a major events in 2022. Unfortunately many of the traditional lines of sponsorship are not forthcoming this year. We do have a few irons in the fire though so do watch this space! On a related note if you have any ideas of companies we could approach do get in touch by clicking here.

We have managed to secure a sponsor for the new National Travellers series in the form of Dzero.co.uk. More on that series as it develops. I am told there will be a fancy scoring system that rewards people who travel, especially outside of their normal areas. You can see the current Open and Supported events list by clicking here.

We are also delighted to announce that Noble Marine have renewed their class sponsorship for 2022 so do consider them when it is renewal time on your current policy.

David at Dzero.co.uk has also extended his Class Association members discount on spares. The new discount code will be emailed out to all current Class Association members shortly. If you need it before then get in touch with our membership secretary by clicking here.

Winter Series Update

The D-Zero Winter series is running at the moment. Unfortunately a couple of events have fallen foul of Covid. I am just awaiting a results update and we will then publish the current standings along with the updated criteria.

RYA DInghy and Watersports Show

The end of this month will see the RYA Dinghy Show in a new venue and with a new name. Moving to Farnborough Exhibition Centre and being renamed to the RYA Dinghy and Watersports Show gives a new twist on the annual showcase exhibition event for our sport.

Dzero.co.uk will be there with the D-Zero taking pride of place on the stand and representing the class. I am planning to attend the show on the Saturday and various D-Zero committee members will be at the event over the weekend. So if you are planning to go do drop by and say hello at stand E20.

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