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Emsworth Slipper SC – D-Zero Open Meeting Report

12 June 2021 Sponsored by Solent Boatworks

Sun and blue sky met the D-Zero’ists as they collected on the Quay at Emsworth Slipper, arriving early to setup and rig in covid compliant conditions. Emsworth is a busy town, with many cafes and people walking the promenade, so another 24 D-Zero’s consisting of many visitors, at the top of the harbour club produced a good spectacle for all.

As they sailed out to the race area, light winds from the North were unexpected, and made some close on timing as PRO – Dave Cockerill started the countdown and R1 got underway in a trapezoid ABCD format, hopefully to make the most of the fun and speed from a D-Zero on a reach. Keen local David Valentine attempted a pin-end port flyer, though was met with several others coming in and forced him over the line and tap another with his boom, only to return and do some spins and from last, headed back out with gusto. Not being a sheep, he banged again onto port and found clear air to lift his position. Close racing other than the very front, though little reaching speed, where Ben Oakley of Emsworth showed a light wind masterclass and led from the first mark, though the second lap made a few places change hands. Ben Oakley took the bullet, with the D-Zero poster boy Tom Southwell of Hill head in 2nd, and Jonathan Cunnison also of Emsworth in 3rd.

With the wind up and down, R2 setoff with some puffs, Valentine learning from last race and chasing Ben Oakley hard on starboard, with Tim Weeden of Slipper, Joe Constable of Grafham and Class Chair Paul Jefferies of Hunts showing his experience and jostling for position. More close racing with many rounding marks all together. The D-Zero not being affected by weight or size of sailor, and allowing racers to continually challenge every position through the race. As the wind lightened, the PRO wisely chose to shorten the race, and as the wind dropped out Ben Oakley took the bullet. Joe Constable and david valentine were neck and neck with a boat length to get to the finish, and Valentine decided on a couple of tacks to try and find air, and just scraped through by inches to take 2nd. Joe Constable taking 3rd. All the rest of the pack were backed up between the Committee Boat and the 4th mark, and used every bit of skill to creep across the line, some gaining, some losing right at the bitter end, with Tim Weeden taking another solid 4th.

Then the sea breeze came in, flipping the direction 180 degrees and added about 10 knots. The PRO looked to swop marks around, though some smart comms with the patrol craft and some local sailors managed to share the new course between the D-Zero’s and run a DCBA course. The line was a little tight though all 24 managed to cram themselves in, though David Valentine left the start like a scolded cat, with Ben Oakley and Gavin Fleming pushing a little too much and gaining an OCS. Keen watching from the PRO and pin-end patrol craft enabled some quick spotting. Valentine got to the 1st mark, keeping his D-Zero very flat, rounded and shot away down the reach. Gavin Fleming not realising his OCS was not far behind and had several of Ben O, Tom S, Gordon Stewart of North Herts East Beds, Ben Davis of Thorney, and Ian Lloyd-Williams all the way from Bala challenging his position, with Tim W very close.  Valentine was watching with interest as they fought their way down the run, covering off anything as he zigged his way to the last mark, rounding with speed with several coming in quickly, so gaining composure and drove his DZ hard upwind tacking close to cover off, and took the bullet with a reasonable lead. Ben O and Gavin following up though no hoot to their shock. 1st David Valentine, 2nd Tom Southwell, 3rd Gordon Stewart.

The PRO being wise took the decision to bale whilst the going was good and get everyone home for the sponsored post-race  tea from Solent Boatworks, which as promised provided plenty of refreshments, cakes and other carbs to feed the hungry sailors, which was probably the best tea ever !

David Valentine, as event organiser, presented the glassware from Emsworth Slipper to the top 5 overall – 1st Ben Oakley , 2nd David Valentine, 3rd Tom Southwell, 4th Tim Weeden and 5th Jonathan Cunnison.

Morgan Sails Southern Circuit – Emsworth Slipper Open Meeting Report and Results

The wind forecast for the Emsworth Slipper D-Zero open meeting was not exactly encouraging with dire warnings of 5 knot gusts, and this probably discouraged a few potential competitors. Indeed, on the morning of the event Emsworth’s Mill Pond was exactly that with not a ripple to be seen. However, by late morning there were signs of some sort of thermal activity although to call it a sea breeze would be a slight overstatement. Six visitors joined the local fleet for the day, and it was game on.

Race officer Dave Cockerill and his team set a trapezoid course with a challenging start line on the edge of the deep water channel. Race 1 set the tone for the day with Ian Morgan leading soon after the start, and a game of chicken followed for the first beat, with those who dared to sail furthest into the shallows to cheat the tide without running aground making significant gains. It seemed reasonable to assume that local knowledge would help here, although D-Zero’s own David Valentine proved that this was not necessarily true……….twice!!

Ian led around the windward mark, and maintained his position around the next three marks…..we could all see where this was heading. However, the Fat Lady hadn’t sung yet, and on the final beat to the finish Adam Humphrey who had borrowed the demo boat for the day managed to sneak ahead to take the win, followed by Ian with Ben Oakley third.

There was a tad more breeze for race 2 and John Aston took an early lead but was overtaken by Ian shortly before the first mark. This time Ian made no mistake and maintained his lead, pursued by John and Tom Southwell.

Race 3 started close to high water. The lack of flood tide caught a few out, with several judged OCS. Richard Major led the fleet around and crossed the finishing line to a deathly silence.
However, the Netley duo had made no such mistake and the finishing order was Ian, Tom and Adam.

Determined that everyone should get their money’s worth, the race officer called the fleet to the start for a fourth race. By now the wind was dropping, the ebb tide was making itself felt and tea was calling. The first beat and reach were dispatched pretty quickly, to be followed by a long run against the tide. The top three finishing positions were a repeat of the previous race.

In the final reckoning, overall victory went to Ian Morgan, with Adam Humphrey taking second from Tom Southwell on countback. Special mention should be made of Richard Major who ensured his appearance in the prizes by getting his boat almost terminally stuck in the weed just after leaving the slipway, hence earning the coveted “Muppet of the Day” award! Many thanks to the race team who ensured great racing throughout the fleet in tricky conditions, and to all those behind the scenes providing safety cover and the all important tea!

Rank SailNo Club HelmName R1 R2 R3 R4 Nett
1st 250 Netley Ian Morgan (2.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 3.0
2nd No Numberr Emsworth Slipper SC Adam Humphrey 1.0 (6.0) 3.0 3.0 7.0
3rd 217 Netley Thomas Southwell (10.0) 3.0 2.0 2.0 7.0
4th 176 Emsworth SC Ben Oakley 3.0 5.0 (19.0 OCS) 5.0 13.0
5th 186 ESSC / Thorney Island SC Tim Weeden 4.0 4.0 (8.0) 8.0 16.0
6th 102 Emsworth Slipper SC Stuart Coles 5.0 (7.0) 6.0 6.0 17.0
7th 3 Grafham Water SC John Aston 9.0 2.0 (19.0 OCS) 7.0 18.0
8th 267 TISC Steve Bromley (11.0) 8.0 4.0 10.0 22.0
9th 173 Emsworth SC Peter Jenkins 7.0 14.0 5.0 (16.0) 26.0
10th 151 Emsworth SC James Jenkins 14.0 10.0 7.0 (17.0) 31.0
11th 187 Emsworth Slipper SC Simon Boylin 6.0 11.0 (19.0 OCS) 15.0 32.0
12th 66 Emsworth Slipper SC David Valentine 12.0 9.0 (14.0) 11.0 32.0
13th 116 Emsworth Slipper SC Jo Humphrey 8.0 12.0 13.0 (19.0 DNF) 33.0
14th 268 Emsworth Slipper SC Simon Robinson (16.0) 13.0 10.0 12.0 35.0
15th 169 Grafham Water SC Richard Major 15.0 17.0 (19.0 OCS) 4.0 36.0
16th 181 NHEBSC Gordon Stewart (18.0) 15.0 12.0 9.0 36.0
17th 121 Emsworth Slipper SC Scott Derham (17.0) 16.0 9.0 13.0 38.0
18th 133 Emsworth Slipper SC Jez Adams 13.0 (18.0) 11.0 14.0 38.0

Emsworth Slipper Open Meeting 2016 – Report and Results

Fast and furious racing at the Emsworth D-Zero Open Meeting. Photo Copyright Jo and Toby Valentine HowWhatWhere Ltd

On the 23rd April a good fleet of 16 D-Zeros gathered at Emsworth Slipper SC for their first Open Meeting on the 2016 D-Zero Open Circuit. The race management team did a great job to turn round 4 quick fire races on an ebbing tide and the racing was fast and furious.

Nigel Austin GBR191 reports:

Having limited knowledge of the south East coast (Portsmouth, Bexhill, Hastings) I was blown away by the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club setting and the friendliness of everyone at the club. The joy was capped by a great day of D Zero sailing with 16 competitors taking part in 4 races of decreasing length as the tide turned and the race officer looked to cram back to back.

The Emsworth Eight were pitted against those from up north ( as there was no one from further south!) and local knowledge seemed to pay on the first beat with no 66 Dave Valentine lying in 2nd, however under his own admission, he went slower than everyone else after that!. A slightlier heavier Tom Southwell showed a clean transom to the following pack but Rob Lennox (fresh from 1 to 1 coaching from Mark Rushall!) psyched the 19yr old out on the last leg (I think).
Race 2 saw Tim Weedon win from Rob L in a closer race with Ian Morgan growing in confidence, which nearly translated into a 2nd in Race 3 if he hadn’t grounded with 200m to go! Mike Corney and Tim took advantage behind Rob L.
Race 4 was like a 100m sprint, 1 lap and so the start was all important, Ian Morgan got a flyer and led throughout but there was plenty of position swapping even for such a short race, with Rob Campbell and Stuart Coles producing their best performances with 5th and 4th behind the podium boys of Rob Lennox (1st overall) and Tim W (2nd overall).

The final race was to get back before the water disappeared, and although the result didn’t count it was just as enjoyable as the others!! It is such a complete contrast to sailing on an inland reservoir, with lots taken for granted like no tides, same depth of water and no motoring yachts. There are some similarities like weed and windshifts but i think everyone had a huge grin at the end because we all one or two good races, I think !! – thanks Emsworth
Ps great tea!!

From here the fleet moved on to Shotwick SC near Chester the following day and then on to Hunts SC on the 30th April.

Full Results:

Rank SailNo HelmName R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st 195 Rob Lennox 1.0 (2.0) 1.0 2.0 6.0 4.0
2nd 186 Tim Weeden (3.0) 1.0 2.0 3.0 9.0 6.0
3rd 156 Ian Morgan (4.0) 3.0 4.0 1.0 12.0 8.0
4th 179 Mike Corney 5.0 (10.0) 3.0 6.0 24.0 14.0
5th 178 Tom Southwell 2.0 5.0 (10.0) 10.0 27.0 17.0
6th 181 Gordon Stewart 7.0 4.0 7.0 (11.0) 29.0 18.0
7th 102 Stuart Coles (9.0) 7.0 8.0 4.0 28.0 19.0
8th 191 Nigel Austin (10.0) 6.0 5.0 8.0 29.0 19.0
9th 190 Robert Campbell (12.0) 9.0 6.0 5.0 32.0 20.0
10th 121 Scott Derham 6.0 11.0 (13.0) 7.0 37.0 24.0
11th 186 Ben Oakley 8.0 8.0 (12.0) 12.0 40.0 28.0
12th 187 Simon Boylin (13.0) 13.0 9.0 9.0 44.0 31.0
13th 66 Dave Valentine (15.0) 12.0 11.0 14.0 52.0 37.0
14th 170 Seb Prowse 11.0 14.0 (16.0) 15.0 56.0 40.0
15th 145 Simon Robinson 14.0 (15.0) 15.0 13.0 57.0 42.0
16th 133 Jez Adams (16.0) 16.0 14.0 16.0 62.0 46.0



Emsworth Slipper Open Meeting 23rd April – Preview

Racing Action from the 2015 Emsworth Slipper Open Meeting. Photo Credit Jo and Toby Valentine, Howwhatwhere Ltd

The 23rd April 2016 sees the first Open Meeting on the D-Zero calendar for 2016. Following on from a successful Winter where the D-Zero was the second largest class for the GJW Sailjuice Winter Series in terms of overall entries and placed first in the Garmin Speed challenge.

The details for the day are:

First Race: 12:30
Entry Fee: £10/boat (plus £2 if you do not have a Langstone Harbour or Chichester Harbour plaque)
Prizes: First 3 places

Notice of Race and further information can be found by clicking here.

D-Zero Upcoming Events April 2016

As the traditional 2016 sailing season starts please find below a short summary of the upcoming events for the month of April:

23rd April 2016 – D-Zero Open – Emsworth Slipper SC – More details and a quick preview are here.

24th April 2016 – D-Zero Open (Northern Tour) – Shotwick Lake SC

30th April 2016 – D-Zero Open – Hunts SC – Open Meeting SI’s. first race 11:00, break for lunch followed by 2 more races, 2 to count.

Emsworth Slipper Open 2015 – Photo Gallery

All photos in this gallery are credit/copyright Jo Valentine/Toby Valentine – HowWhatWhere

High resolution images are available please click here to contact the webmaster for details

17 D-Zeros at the Emsworth Slipper D-Zero Open

Champagne sailing at Emsworth Slipper – Photo Credit Jo Valentine Howwhatwhere

 David Valentine (GBR66) from the host club reports:

Emsworth Slipper SC – Devoti D-Zero Open Meeting – 18 April 2015

A sunny though breezy day met the intrepid 17 D-Zero’ists at Slipper, and after rigging in a sheltered NE at the club, set sail and quickly picked up speed heading out for the race course. Trolley Dolly Rodney from Suntouched ably assisting all to get away quickly.

First race, a trapezium with 2 laps, with a punchy tide driving the Zeros from right to left down to the pin end, causing the early arrivals to run deep or quickly round, Gun, and a couple OCS. Tough upwind though with a tidal drift, able to close reach to 1st mark, tight rounding, to 2nd and big bearaway with the D-Zero tearing off down the course to a big gybe and a reach to the last mark. The Zero so stable compared to its predecessors comfortably taking everyone round in increasing breeze. 1- Stuart Jones, Datchet, 2 – David Summerville, Grafham, 3 – Tim Weeden, Emsworth Slipper / Thorney Island

Photo Credit Jo Valentine Howwhatwhere

Race 2 underway quickly, same course, though a pin end move due to wind shift and 2nd mark to help avoid the cruiser moorings on bearaway. Clean start, though catching some that had seen a port bias only to be caught out by a wind shift back to the Committee Boat. Short starboard tack onto port using tide to drive to 1st mark. Breeze 16-20 knots now and increasing still NE. Lots into top mark at same time, new bearaway to 2nd, though less nosedives and lots of acceleration, wow these are fun ! Plenty of overtaking attempts, gybe, fast reach, tight tack and round for a 2nd time. 1- Dan Holman, Netley 2-Tim Hulse, Ullswater, 3-Russ Hopkins, Tewkesbury

Race 3 started quickly with a general handicap running first sequence, good race team on Committee getting things going, same course though 3 laps to stretch the boats and muscles. Less tidal drift, more breeze 18-24knots. Clean start, what a well behaved bunch of sailors, hard work close hauling to 1st and speed and smiles on the reach and bearaway downhill to some super fast gybes. Quite a few place changes over 3 laps. 1-Dan Holman, Netley, 2-Tim Hulse, Ullswater, 3-David Summerville, Grafham

Photo Credit Jo Valentine Howhwatwhere

Race 4 with a D-Zero start only, trapezium with an extra loop halfway 1 lap. Breeze steadying at 18knots. A couple of front runners forgot the loop and headed for the original 1st mark and suddenly realised though a bit late and others poured in. Change of leaders again and through the fleet proving weight ranges and abilities across boat work well. 1-Tim Hulse, Ullswater, 2-Dan Holman, Netley, 3-Russ Hopkins,Tewkesbury

The Race Team and D-Zeros decided 4 races were enough and headed for home, having fun close reaching back to Slipper. Prizes sponsored by Suntouched Sailboats for all racers.

Overall winners 1-Dan Holman, 2-Tim Hulse, 3-Stuart Jones.

17 at least will be back to Emsworth Slipper next year and quite probably more !

Toby Peacock (GBR110) reports:

It was with nervous excitement that I set off at 6.30 in the morning (on the weekend for goodness sake!) to race against a bunch of sailors I had mostly never met in a place I’d never heard of. Would I regret the early start, the decidedly fresh forecast, the reality of sailing on the sea and be humiliated by a bunch of overly fit and confident sailors who had an unfair amount of natural talent?

The clear blue skies as I turned on to the M27 were promising and then turning off to Emsworth revealed an idyllic small town with the sea in its DNA, a picturesque millpond and beautiful sailing club. Things were looking good.

The launch area was flat calm and sheltered from the breeze, making setting off child’s play. It was made even easier by the trolley dolly service kindly provided by the host sailors. I slip a chocolate bar into my buoyancy aid pocket and launch next to a former Laser national champion who is taking a banana with him. I watch as he then had to jump out and start again after getting caught in irons in a foot of water. “Ha!” I thought smuggly. “Even I can do that. Do they teach you nothing in squads?”. I then beat said champion in the race out through the moorings to the start line.

Confidence was now sky high. Seventeen D-Zeros lined up in champagne conditions, some out for just their first or second sail in their new boat. First start, the line seemed fairly unbiased to me but the committee boat end was crowded. I went for the quiet life and started at the pin. Good start, carried on left for a couple of minutes and tacked. Ah. I hadn’t realised the beat was so short – I’d overstood the mark by 50m. Hey ho, at least I’d got a score on the board and there were plenty more races to go. Second race, again I went for the deserted pin end. Decent start, decent first lap and then a lesson I never learn. Don’t tack with the mainsheet wrapped around your ankle. A quick swim sees me in last, but a couple of wild gybes up ahead see me catch up the back of the pack.
Third race I decide to start with the bunch. To my amazement I am nearer the front than the back and manage to avoid any big errors. A poor mark rounding from the boat ahead invites me to squeeze in on the final leg, but I’m pipped by a nose at the end.

I open my chocolate whilst waiting for the fourth start. This proves trickier than expected and after another quick swim I discover that salted Dairy Milk isn’t that bad. An easy peel banana may have been a better bet, but where do you stow it? Perhaps this is what the squad system teaches? The fourth race sees a change of course and some tasty gusts. I stay out of trouble and find myself closer to the front than the back again. My hand is beginning to cramp now though, so I am relieved when we head back in, the fifth race called off.

Having no sense of direction, I follow the fleet back to Slipper sailing club. Trying to look cool I lower the sail whilst someone kindly fetches my trolley. Wondering how I roll the sail in one hand and hold the boat in the other, I am joined by a man in a Team GBR top. I get the impression this isn’t just brand name, but that he is a Good Sailor. He offers to roll the sail for me and then helps me pull the boat up beach. So now I know. This is what the squads teach – sportsmanship.

A hot shower, a mouth wateringly splendid ‘D Zero’ cup cake, pack the boat up and prize giving by early afternoon. Prizes included a bottle of wine and a clew strap for every competitor, courtesy of Suntouched Sailboats. I head home in time for tea. As I pull on the driveway I notice the neighbours have cut their grass. I have a dandelion standing proud on an unkempt lawn. Ah well, it’s just a sign that I had better things to do! This morning my legs ache – but in that satisfying kind of way that means I still can’t mow the lawn.

And now I’m analysing, plotting, planning. Next time my friends, next time…

Many thanks to Emsworth Slipper SC for being such excellent hosts and to all who entered for making it so worthwhile.

Full Results:

Pos Sail No Name Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1 53 Dan Holman Netley SC 6 1 1 2 10 4
2 130 Tim Hulse Ullswater SC 4 2 2 1 9 5
3 115 Stuart Jones Datchet SC 1 7 4 4 16 9
4 132 David Summerville Grafham Water SC 2 4 3 11 20 9
5 119 Russ Hopkins Tewkesbury SC 5 3 5 3 16 11
6 156 Kerry Morgan Hillhead SC 8 5 7 7 27 19
7 113 Tim Weedon Emsworth Slipper/Thorney Island 3 10 9 8 30 20
8 123 Graham Cooper South Cerney SC 11 6 10 5 32 21
9 110 Toby Peacock Chew Valley 10 14 6 6 36 22
10 105 Dave Woods Rossendale Valley 7 8 8 9 32 23
11 66 David Valentine Emsworth Slipper 9 11 11 12 43 31
12 148 John Crook Baywater SC 13 9 18 DNF 10 50 32
13 138 Simon Boylin Emsworth Slipper 14 12 13 13 52 38
14 106 Ian Walker Saltash 12 15 12 18 DNF 57 39
15 145 Simon Robinson Emsworth Slipper 15 13 18 DNF 14 60 42
16 133 Jez Adams Emsworth Slipper 16 18 DNF 18 DNF 18 DNF 70 52
17 121 Scott Derham Thorney Island SC 17 18 DNF 18 DNF 18 DNF 71 53

D-Zero early season events preview

The D-Zero 2015 event season kicks of this coming weekend where several D-Zero sailors have indicated they will be attending the Bala Sailing Club Easter Regatta (Club website: http://www.balasc.org.uk NOR: http://www.balasc.org.uk/NOR/2015/2015EasterRegattaNOR.pdf).  Good luck to those travelling and there is still time to enter if you are at a loose end this coming weekend. Bala SC D-Zero sailor John Cheslett will be there and he is hoping to put on a good show for the class to raise interest among Bala SC members who may be tempted to join the class.

The class then heads off the Emsworth Slipper SC for the first class open meeting of 2015. With 7 local boats down at Emsworth and Thorney Island and several people indicating they will be travelling. More information can be found here: http://www.emsworthslippersc.org.uk/articleone.php?a=1532. This is an excellent opportunity to get some pre-nationals practice in on the salty stuff for the inland sailors amongst us.

From there we move on to the POSH regatta at Paignton on the 9th and 10th May. This is not a D-Zero specific event but several D-Zero sailors have indicated that they will be attending. This will be the last chance for the inland contingent to get some salt water practice in prior to the inaugural Suntouched D-Zero Nationals which take place as part of SailFest ’15 at Clashot Activities Centre over the Whit Bank Holiday weekend. With pre-entries up in the teens the class is hopeful for a great turnout for the inaugural event. More details and entry are here: http://events.sailracer.org/eventsites/new.asp?eventid=198184.

More updates to follow, 2015 is looking to be a very busy year for the class both on and off the water.

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