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Dinghy Show Report

The Punk on display on the Devoti/Suntouched Sailboats stand

The D-Zero class exhibited at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2015 for the first time as a class association. This followed on from it’s launch a mere 12 months previously at last years dinghy show. Conveniently perched on the edge of the Devoti/Suntouched Sailboats stand, with a completely open layout, allowing people to wander between the 2 stands and see both the production D-Zero sporting the standard grey sail of 8.1m2, a second boat in a custom colour that was sporting the D-Zero Blue rig which is 6.9m2 and the boat the started it all off the Punk.

DSC_0006 DSC_0008
The early crowds gather round the D-Zero/Devoti/Suntouched Sailboats stand

The stand was very busy both days and was well staffed by D-Zero owners who were happy to answer any and all questions that people have about the boat. Dan Holman, designer of the Punk was also on hand on Saturday to talk about the Punk and how it developed into the D-Zero by Dan and Devoti. For anyone wishing to place an order staff from Suntouched Sailboats were on hand to assist.

DSC_0015 DSC_0011
The D-Zero blue is aimed at smaller and lighter sailors (note: hull colour optional)

The dinghy show was also the first public viewing for the D-Zero Blue rig which was exhibited on a ‘custom colour’ D-Zero hull. The D-Zero Blue rig smaller sail and shorter bottom mast giving 6.9m2 of sail area rather than the 8.1m2 for the standard grey sail. This is aimed at the lighter/smaller sailor however, some people think the little lady pictured above might need to grow a bit before she places her order. The custom colour was certainly eye catching and drew a lot of attention. Your new D-Zero can be custom built in the colour of your choice for an additional charge.

The class would like to extend their thanks to all the D-Zero sailors who gave their time to staff the stand and a special thanks to Dan for being on hand on Saturday to talk about the Punk and how it evolved to become the D-Zero.

D-Zero Class at the RYA Dinghy Show 2015

The D-Zero on display at the RYA Dinghy Show 2014

Launched at last year’s dinghy show the Devoti D-Zero has seen a very busy 12 months. With the first boats being delivered in June 2014 the class has grown well since the launch.

With the class association formed and affiliated to the RYA in October 2014 and the Class Association Committee voted for in November 2014 at the inaugural AGM, things have been as busy behind the scenes at they have on the water.

So now at the 2015 RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show, we invite you to visit stand G14 in the West Hall near the Suzuki Main Stage and see what the boat and the class is all about. We have enthusiastic boat owners on hand over both days. The designer of the boat, Daniel Holman, will be on the stand on Saturday and will be available to talk about the original Punk and the development from a one-off concept boat to production D-Zero.

There will be 3 boats on display. 2 D-Zeros, one of which will be in a custom colour (available as a special order). One of the boats will also be sporting the D-Zero Blue rig which is aimed at sailors who are on the light side for the standard D-Zero rig. It was always part of the plan for the boat to have a smaller rig aimed at the lighter sailors. The current standard sail has shown to be remarkably weight tolerant with sailors from as low as 62kg to sailors who are 100kg+ being competitive across the wind range. The 3rd boat will be the boat that started it all, Daniel Holman’s concept boat, the Punk. The Blue rig D-Zero and the Punk will be on the adjacent stand, G10 where you will be able to talk to representatives of Devoti Sailing and Suntouched Sailboats, the manufacturers and UK distributors of the D-Zero.

D-Zeros at the Oxford Blue 3rd January 2015

Dan Holman comes 3rd at the Oxford Blue. Photo Credit: Sailracer

With early forecast promising Big Breeze 10 Dedicated D-zero sailors decided to dust off their hikers following the Christmas break. The Oxford Blue is the third open in the D-Zero winter traveller series and makes up part of the greater GJW Global warm up. This saw 150 others wintery sailing conditions as they pip their wits against fellow sailors in other classes.

Sadly as the event drew closer, what is now known as the Russ Hopkins effect came to play. The forecast switched from a fruity 15-20knts to an eye watering 2knt gusting 7. Sailors were greeted by a true to forecast cold and damp morning with little or no wind. With the promise of the wind returning from a fresh direction around Lunch.

Russ Hopkins the current series leader was feeling confident; he had trimmed his beard in anticipation of another strong result. Sadly Dan Holman had decided to borrow a boat and teach Hopkins a lesson…..

Jon Cowper, Dave Woods and an unidentifed D-Zero enjoy close some close racing Photo Credit: Sailracer

Race 1

Race 1 started in very little wind. Holman started well and led from start to finish. Hopkins started woefully (There is a pattern emerging here) and was last D-Zero around the windward mark. Both Stuart Bailey and Graham Cooper made good progress as the two lighter sailors in the fleet. James Brace started well and sailed the right way up the beat to find himself in a good position to attack the light weights in the first reach. Good work by James who had not sailed or raced a dinghy for nearly a year. Proof that fat lads and normal people can compete on a level in this fantastic new dinghy. Sadly James’ attention level was waning and he decided enough was enough and returned to shore. Deciding to practice what he was really good at…Consuming Bacon and drinking coffee. This left the rest of the fleet to compete with each other as well as the other classes. Russ Hopkins ‘Worked’ the boat well and managed to slip up to 2nd place on the final beat. Stuart Bailey held his third position well ahead of Dave Woods and Jon Cowper. Holman however really showed his class finishing well in front.

Race 2

Race 2 – After what seemed like an eternity (but more likely 40 minutes) the wind had settled into a more constant direction and had built to a nice 7-15knt. Most of the fleet were feeling the cold by now. Dan Holman however was rubbing salt into wounds by doing press ups in the boat cockpit to keep warm. Whilst James had built up the meat sweats as he devoured his third pork based roll.

Straight from the Start again Holman was properly on it! He led all D-Zero’s from start to finish almost a horizon style job! This left the rest of the fleet to compete amongst themselves. Some really close racing took place. Jon Cowper and Graham Cooper tussled with each other, both showing great boat speed. Closely followed by Toby Peacock. Russ Hopkins then followed having won a hard fought battle with Dave Woods.

Stuart Bailey and Toby Peacock battle for position Photo Credit: Sailracer

Race 3

Race 3 – The Final race of the day saw a clean start once again Holman ruled the roost, he was not seen again until later in the dinghy park. Such was his commanding skills. Again the fleet saw some fantastically close racing all tussling it out for that important 2nd place spot. Hopkins, Woods and Cowper were constantly cross tacking each other up the beats. Little mistakes were punished by losing a position; such was the close nature of the racing. Luckily for Hopkins he managed to call the beat right and seemed to have the legs on Woods down wind. This left the results after discard as follows:

1st Daniel Holman (Very Impressive 3rd Overall)
2nd Russ Hopkins (Not so impressive 50th Overall)
3rd Jon Cowper (60th Overall)
4th Dave Woods (66th Overall)
5th Graham Cooper (69th Overall)
6th Stuart Bailey (74th Overall)
7th Toby Peacock (79th Overall)
9th Jeremy Carry & James Brace (RTD)

Whilst Holman had taught Hopkins somewhat a lesson in sailing prowess, it was agreed by the fleet that Hopkins had won the class Christmas Beard Growing contest. As such Hopkins was the real winner. Holman walked away dejected, promising to shave. Proof that Press-ups in between races don’t make you a real man.

The next round of the D-Zero winter series is the Bloody Mary 10th January. The forecast currently looks pretty full on. Please don’t let that put you off. The Hopkins effect will no doubt turn this into a 3knt air rowing contest.

Full Results can be found here: Oxford Blue Results

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Dan at Hayling

Here’s a little bit of video of Dan at Hayling the other day.

I hope you enjoy it.

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