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D Zero Northern Traveler – Largs Sailing Club – Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May 2017

D Zero Northern Traveler – Largs Sailing Club – Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May 2017

For this year’s event there will be racing and separate starts for D Zeros, RS200s and Vortex which should make for a great weekend on and off the water. At our inaugural event last year the racing was close between seven or eight boats and resulted in the fleet at Largs growing. There are likely to be four local boats so we’d hope to have at least a dozen D Zero’s racing. The local boats will be travelling to the Nationals, Lord Birkett and the Nationals so please also support our fleet and ensure top class racing attracts even more new boats to North of the Border. ​ Rob Lennox ruled the event last year, this year he can’t make it, so the event is wide open again to boarder raiders making off with our whisky!!!


The club is putting on a Curry Night for all competitors and we hope to have secured sponsors for the event to ensure great prizes. Call Martin Latimer (or email him – scotsfinn@gmail.com) if you want advice on the event or where to stay. Camping is available ​on site.


The NOR is being worked on and will be published on the Largs SC website shortly

South Cerney SC D-Zero Open – 11th/12th March 2017

Thanks to Chris Jeffries for the below report-

South Cerney SC D-Zero Open

11th/12th March


The South Cerney D-Zero Open Meeting took place on the weekend of 11th/12th March 2017. Running over two days and in conjunction with the RS300 winter championships, the schedule was for three back to back races on Saturday afternoon followed by a further three races on Sunday morning.

The forecast early in the preceding had promised so much, but as so often seems to happen, by the time the weekend rolled around it appeared that WindGuru had run out of colours and the six competitors were met with light and variable winds on Saturday.

With a light South-westerly breeze Race Office Paul Kimmens had set a course that gave a beat the full length of the lake, ensuring that the ability to find the available breeze was handsomely rewarded both upwind and downwind. All three races followed a similar pattern with a close and compact fleet for the first lap before fragmenting into smaller boat on boat battles after the second beat.


In Race 1 Rob Lennox showed his mastery of the tricky conditions to sail away into a commanding lead followed by Graham Cooper in second. Tom Southwell and Ian Morgan continued their Netley rivalry for 3rd and 4th, Tom staying ahead as Ian was not finding the Lake conditions to his liking. At the back of the fleet Kian Andrews and Chris Jeffries were enjoying their own battle.

Photo ©Dave Whittle South Cerney Sailing Club

The wind picked up a little during Race 2 and this time it was Tom who sailed a flawless race to take the win from Rob in second followed Ian in third, whilst Kian, Chris and Graham were swapping places constantly until the last run where Chris managed to find the dying breeze to pull ahead into fourth.

Photo ©Dave Whittle South Cerney Sailing Club

Following a slight delay whilst the RS300s were a little too enthusiastic at their start, the last race of the day saw Rob reassert his dominance and following an initial battle with Ian, again build an unassailable lead. Kian had a fantastic charge through the fleet over the last lap and a half to overtake Ian at the last mark. Chris found himself in a comfortable gap in fourth whilst Graham just held off a recovering Tom who inexplicably seemed to be having problems making his usual progress!

Photo ©Dave Whittle South Cerney Sailing Club

Racing was completed in time to watch the rugby and Saturday evening allowed those competitors staying over to enjoy a fantastic curry night laid on by the club with a few beers and plenty of conversation before retiring to tents and vans for the night.

Sunday dawned to the gentle patter of rain on canvas and a mirror-like lake with no hint of wind. Despite postponing the start in the hope of the breeze filling in, by 11am it was apparent that there was going to be no imminent improvement and therefore unfortunately further racing was abandoned. Consequently the final results were determined by the combined score from the 3 Saturday races.

Congratulations to Rob Lennox who won with 4 points. Tom Southwell and Ian Morgan were tied for second and third with 10 points with Tom taking second thanks to his first place in race 2.

Photo ©Dave Whittle South Cerney Sailing Club


Thanks to all the helpers, volunteers and competitors for making a successful event in spite of the weather. It was great to see fierce but friendly competition at all positions throughout the fleet!



Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3

Position Helm Name Sail No Club R1 R2 R3 Points
1st Rob Lennox 195 Barnt Green 1 2 1 4
2nd Thomas Southwell 217 Netley Sailing Club 3 1 6 10
3rd Ian Morgan 1 Netley Sailing Club 4 3 3 10
4th Graham Cooper 174 South Cerney Sailing Club 2 5 5 12
5th Kian Andrews 156 Mount’s Bay & Penzance SC 5 6 2 13
6th Chris Jeffries 111 South Cerney Sailing Club 6 4 4 14


D-Zeros at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017

Thanks to David Summerville for the below report-

D-Zeros at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017

2nd January

Grafham Water Sailing Club

An impressive turnout of 22 D-Zeros, 14 visitors and 8 home boats, entered the 2017 Grafham Grand Prix, more than 10% of the total entry of 192 boats.

Conditions were ideal, with constant sunshine and 10-12 knots of breeze from the North West.

Neil Washington at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

               Neil Washington at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017. Photo Copyright Tim Olin


The D-Zeros raced in the Medium fleet, which consisted of 73 boats, with the D-Zeros being the slowest class in that fleet. The tail-end Fireballs, Merlins and Flying Fifteens were a constant hazard and it was important to find clear lanes and avoid the associated wind shadows. Despite the mix of boats the D-Zeros experienced close racing throughout their own fleet.

In race 1 the familiar battle was between National Champion Ian Morgan and Rob Lennox at the front of the fleet. Eventually it was newcomer to the fleet Chris Wright who picked up a nice right hand shift on the final windward leg to take the win, with Rob 2nd, Ian 3rd and David Summerville having a strong charge at the finish to take 4th, and Jon Cowper also having a good race to finish 5th.


David Summerville at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

             David Summerville at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

In race 2 Ian had another good start from the middle of the line, with Mandy Sweet pushing for the lead throughout the race, and taking the lead upwind at times. David, Chris and Rob battled closely throughout the race, with plenty of place changing. At the end Ian took the win, with David finishing strongly again to pip Mandy for 2nd by 1 second, with Chris 4th and Rob in 5th.

For race 3 David had a good mid-line start and navigated the first leg well to lead for the entire race, though with Ian pushing hard for the lead at times. At the finish it was David who took the gun from Ian, with Rob in 3rd, Class Chairman Paul Jefferies in 4th and Chris in 5th.


Ian Morgan at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

                 Ian Morgan at the Grafham Grand Prix 2017. Photo Copyright Tim Olin


Full results can be found here.  Overall results as follows, with fleet positions in brackets:-

1st Ian Morgan                   (21st)

2nd David Summerville    (23rd)

3rd Rob Lennox                  (29th)

4th Chris Wright                (30th)

5th Mandy Sweet               (33rd)

6th Jon Cowper                  (34th)

7th Paul Jefferies               (36th)

8th Tom Southwell            (37th)

9th Paul Murphy                (38th)

10th Neil Washington       (39th)

11th Nigel Austin                (40th)

12th Stuart Brown             (43rd)

13th Gordon Stewart         (45th)

14th Ben Stevens                (49th)

15th Ed Deacon                  (50th)

16th Jamie Southwell       (51st)

17th Rob Campbell            (52nd)

18th Kevin Moll                  (54th)

19th Joe Constable            (58th)

20th Will Deutsch             (62nd)

21st Jeremy Carey             (69th)

21st Alistair Hill                 (69th)

D-Zeros at the Datchet Flyer 2016

Thanks to Rob Lennox for the below report-

D-Zero at the Datchet Flyer 2016

10th/11th December

Datchet Sailing Club

Seven D-Zeros sailed the 2016 Datchet Flyer, outnumbered only by Musto Skiffs and Merlins. After the customary “Team Full English Breakfast” and Santa’s little briefing, we got ready to launch. Little did we realise that this would be the most exciting part of the day as the level of the reservoir, the direction of the wind, and the plant life combined to give a lee shore ski slope with the grip of an ice rink. First down was Nigel Austin who said “I’ve got this!” only to hit the water with the speed of a ramp launched lifeboat. After that we resorted to two people belayed at the top gingerly lowering boat and sailor down the incline.
Ian Morgan at the Datchet Flyer 2016. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

                      Ian Morgan at the Datchet Flyer 2016. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

And so to the racing where Tom Southwell continued where he left off at Burghfield, sprinting off in the first race to an impressive 20th, leaving Ian Morgan (37th) and Rob Lennox (39th) to engage in a bit of a dog fight. The rest of the team, Nigel (52nd), Seb Prowse (54th), Gordon Stewart (62nd), and Robert Campbell (73rd) began with a close battle which would continue all weekend.
In the 2nd race the normal pecking order was re-established with Ian 12th, Rob 15th, Tom 24th, Seb 44th, Nigel 67th, Gordon 74th, and Robert DNF. Racing a D-Zero was proving very difficult; the fast/slow fleet split this year meant we were no longer anything like the fastest class on the slow start; the Datchet wind was struggling to find its way down to the sailing surface and was very patchy; and most of the wind was being used up by classes whose sail area is measured, not in square metres, but hectares. Added to this the course was very challenging, with a handbrake gybe on to a reach so fine that if you failed to nail it you ended up having to put tacks in.
Before the 3rd and final Saturday average lap race the wind gusted up considerably, enabling Robert to do his photogenic plane in front of the VR Sport camera man. This led to him being invited to carry an on board camera on Sunday, the footage from which we await with interest.
In the 3rd race Ian improved again, to 8th, despite being taken out by a random Flying Fifteen which appeared to have a wind shadow in all directions. Rob was 14th, Tom 61st, Robert 67th, Nigel (in the inaptly named Southwell Beater) 68th, Seb 71st, and Gordon DNC after his main halliard went into auto-reef mode and he was last seen approaching the lee shore canted ice rink with a pocket handkerchief sail.
Seb Prowse at the Datchet Flyer 2016. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

                          Seb Prowse at the Datchet Flyer 2016. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

Among the lessons learnt from day 1 were: don’t be put off by the large number of notionally slower RS200s in front of us on the water, they to were being well sailed; keep practising your mainsheet management skills Robert as you only want one part going through the ratchet block at any one time; and remember to pack some sailing boots with exceptional grip, preferably with crampons, for launching and recovery. 
And so to the long pursuit race on Sunday. For once, we had our own start, one minute ahead of a huge number of disparate classes including the Aero 9s, the Halo, and the Scorpion and we needed every second of that advantage. Ian sailed brilliantly to 5th in the slow fleet behind only a GP14, two RS200s, and a Laser. He had even managed to re-overtake the Halo. Rob was 12th after being behind 2 Aero 9s at one stage only to leave them for dead up one beat. He also had a debate with the Comet 3 and an Enterprise as to who was ahead at the actual finish time which meant he conceded 10th. The rest of the D-Zeros were not far behind, with Nigel 18th, Tom 20th, Seb 24th, Gordon 38th, and cameraman Robert 39th.
Rob Lennox at the Datchet Flyer 2016. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

                         Rob Lennox at the Datchet Flyer 2016. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

This meant Ian was a very impressive 8th overall. Rob was 21st and Tom 29th. Seb was 55th and Nigel 58th. Gordon was 77th, and Robert 79th. 
Combining these results with those from the Draycote Dash, we have 2 D-Zeros in the top 10, Ian in 3rd and Rob in 9th. Only the Lasers can match that with 2nd and 10th. Of the others that competed in both events, Tom is 24th, Nigel is 28th, Gordon is 35th, and Robert is 36th. There are still plenty of events to come, so it’s all to sail for. 
Rob Lennox

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