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Grafham Open 30th Nov 2014 – Photos

A selection of photos from the Grafham Open Meeting on 30th November 2014.

Photos are free to use but if they are use for any commercial purpose the Credit and Copyright belongs to Nicola Evans.

D-Zero unwrapped

A few photos from future D-Zero owner Russ Hopkins unwrapping the demo boats with Rodney at Suntouched.

We are expecting new photos and videos from Suntouched shortly.

For the time being please feel free to drool over the elegant, minimalist decals and the lovely two tone grip and hull colours.







a quick glimpse of the D-Zero

It’s difficult to keep up with demand in this fast past world, but here are the first few photos of the D-Zero as featured at the Dinghy Exhibition.

By the time this site goes live then there should be plenty of others too!

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