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January Sales! Save £1,000 off the price of a new D-Zero!

Following the brilliant success of the D-Zero sales promotion, we are able to extend this offer from today until the 14th January 2018, or the first 20 new boats sold during this period.

We know some people missed out on the original promotion and are pleased to able to offer a second chance. This is positively the last chance, this will not happen again!

A recent delivery of new D-Zeros arriving from Devoti, with more on the way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the vibrant and nationally active D-Zero fleet! From to-day until the 14th January 2018, Suntouched are offering £1,000 (one thousand Pounds) discount from the list price of a new D-Zero, including any trolleys, covers and upgrades.

The D-Zero is recognised as being one of the most exciting of the new generation dinghies with appeal to all, from beginners to the most discerning experienced racers. With a choice of the standard sail or the smaller blue sail, a very wide weight range is covered for competitive sailing.

With fleets country wide, from Cornwall to Scotland, and a comprehensive regatta program, the racing sailor can enjoy the D-Zero experience.

For D-Zero offer order form http://www.suntouched.co.uk/suntouchedsailboats_065.htm
email: info@suntouched.co.uk Tel: 0208 133 0104 or 07734 251033

© Sarah Desjonqueres

Suntouched Sailboats Seasonal Offers

Suntouched Sailboats announce their amazing seasonal offers!

Don’t miss the chance to join the vibrant and nationally active D-Zero fleet!  From to-day until the 30th November 2017, Suntouched are offering £1,000 (one thousand Pounds) discount from the list price of a new D-Zero, including any trolleys, covers and upgrades.

Photo Copyright Sarah Desjonqueres

The D-Zero is recognised as being one of the most exciting of the new generation dinghies with appeal to all, from beginners to the most discerning experienced racers.  With a choice of the standard sail or the smaller blue sail, a very wide weight range is covered for competitive sailing.

With fleets country wide, from Cornwall to Scotland, and a comprehensive regatta program, the racing sailor can enjoy the D-Zero experience.

Visit our website or the D-Zero Class Association website for more information:

Suntouched: www.suntouched.co.uk
D-Zero Class Association: www.d-zerosailing.org

The keep you warm and comfortable this winter, Suntouched are offering great seasonal prices on a range of products.

Photo Copyright Robert Deaves

Having introduced the Sandiline range to the UK six years ago, Suntouched are the major supplier of Sandiline sailing products in the UK and also now supply the range throughout the world.  Sandiline clothing is recognised for their range of Hiking Pants which are considered to be the best on the market by a majority of world class sailors including many Olympic medal winners.  As well as offering these superb hiking pants Sandiline have a significant range of other, similarly high quality products, to make your sailing more pleasurable and comfortable.  Take a look at our Sandiline shopping page – http://www.suntouched.co.uk/suntouchedsailboats_002.htm

Suntouched are partnering with North OD on their annual seasonal discount offers.

Suntouched have been dealers for North OD for the past 15 years and have gained expertise in many of the classes on North’s portfolio. Of course, as you may guess, our special areas of expertise are in the Finn, D-One and D-Zero.

Offers on all classes including, for the first time, the Devoti D-One and D-Zero

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and ask about the seasonal pricing deals – +44 (0) 7734 251033 or email us – info@suntouched.co.uk   

Harken D-Zero Nationals 2017 supported by Suntouched Sailboats

Lining up for the start on Day 2. Photo Copyright Paul Jefferies

On fathers day weekend in 2017 the D-Zero fleet gathered at Royal Torbay Yacht Club for their National Championships. 34 boats had pre-entered but one was unable to make the trip at very late notice due to a relative being taken very ill, the class wishes them a speedy recovery. A number of the usual suspects were also missing this year due to such silliness as getting married, attending weddings, buying houses that need work and having babies. We hope their priorities will be corrected for 2018! Happily those missing in action were replaced by a lot of new faces such as Steve Bolland of RS300 fame, Martin Latimer and Jon Bassett who made the long trip from Largs and a whole host of people from the hotbed of talent located at Restronguet and Mounts Bay. Combine all of that with a generous prize pot from our title sponsor Harken, Live Tracking from SailRacer with our friends at Suntouched picking up the tab this meant the class could call in VR Sport TV to film all 3 days.

Tight racing on the downwind legs. Photo Copyright Paul Jefferies

Thursday evening saw a few early arrivals sampling the delights of Torquay with the table at Pizza Express gradually expanding through the evening.

On Friday morning the fleet were greeted with a forecast of glorious sunshine but sadly the wind forecast was not as good for the entire weekend prompting questions raning from if we would get a full series in to if we would get any racing in (depending on which forecast you believed). Our PRO Michael Currie announced that he intended to try and run 3 races on Friday as the wind was supposed to be the best of the weekend. With that the fleet launched ready for action…


Race 1

Setting off in a dying breeze from a packed start line the leading pair of Greg Bartlett and George Cosuins rounded the windward mark with a small lead over a chasing pack consisting of Steve Bolland, Ian Morgan, Paul Scullion and Kian Andrews. As the leaders rounded the breeze was dropping quickly leaving those mired in the pack with very little options to catch up. At mark 3 Greg and George rounded pretty much together with George electing to go right down the run to try and keep clean wind as Greg and the chasing pack went left. George soon realised the right would not pay as the chasing pack overhauled him. By the leeward mark Ian Morgan had made his way through to lead the fleet along the bottom reach on what would turn out to be the final leg with the wind dropping away to almost nothing. With George and Paul chasing him down though nothing was guaranteed At the finish Ian just held on from the fast finishing Paul with George 3rd.

Race 2

After a long postponement to see what the wind would do the fleet were greeted with the welcome sight of the breeze filling in from the east. A sea breeze according to the locals. It seemed to establish and was holding steady so after a re-laying of the course the race team tried again. Not content with a 180 shift the wind decided to shift just before the start causing a general recall. After a short wait as the wind did shift back and hold the fleet got away only from the breeze to start dropping off again.

At the windward mark it was Greg Bartlett who had got away from the fleet to have a big lead with Dave Bartlett rounding in 2nd and Kian Andrews in 3rd. With very little wind left now it was staying in pressure that would decide the race. With Dave dropping low and ending up having to put in a short tack to make mark 2 Kian got through to second. This was how it stayed to the finish with the race officer sending the fleet home in what was left of the wind.

This meant Greg Bartlett would be wearing the leaders jersey for day 2 (and surely becoming a target for the rest of the fleet).

Once boats were packed away the fleet headed back to the club for a BBQ and some socialising. Steve Bolland, deciding that the fleet were a bunch of lightweights, headed off out himself with some friends for the night (more on that shortly)….


Day 2 dawned and with a postponement of at least 1 hour due to a trawler race taking place in the bay (and no wind) the fleet set about with the inevitable bimbling, banter and annual maintenance that always takes place on a nationals weekend. As the postponement was transferred to the committee boat 2 things became clear. There were 2 boats in the line that still had covers on. 1 belonging to class chair Paul Jefferies who had aggravated a shoulder injury injury the previous day. The other belong to Steve of whom there was no sign. Speculation was rife amongst the fleet as to what had happened…

Race 3

Starting in a steady breeze that was holding just about 5kts the fleet was split as to which way to go. A new face at the front in the form of Jon Cowper decided hard left was the way to go and, to his surprise, found himself leading at the windward mark being hotly pursued by Kian, Darren Williams and Paul. Jon held on for the top reach. By the leeward mark Darren had pulled through to lead, Jon in second and Paul in close company. This time the fleet were sent round for a second lap. Jon elected to go left again rather than cover the leaders. This allowed Paul to get through to 2nd by the windward mark and set off in pursuit of Darren. At the finish Darren had done enough to hold Paul off with Jon coming in 3rd.

Race 4

With the wind holding steady, even increasing slightly up to 8 even 9 knots at times the lighter sailors were seen having to hike. The RO turning things around quickly and soon the fleet was in sequence for race 4. This time it paid to tack on the shifts and at the windward mark it was Paul being pursued by Kian, George and Greg with Mandy Sweet finding the conditions to her liking in 5th. On the following reach and run Mandy overhauled Greg to move in to 4th. On the second lap the leaders covering each other with Mandy electing to split and go left. At the windward mark the order was the same and looked like staying the same until George found some extra pressure down the run to sneak inside Kian at the leeward mark. With the race being shortened now the order stayed the same to the finish.

Race 5

Race 5 got away at the second attempt with the fleet a little too keen at the first time of asking. George led round the windward mark being hotly pursued by Paul and Ian with Jon Bassett from Largs popping up in 4th place. There was a small gap from the leading bunch back to pretty much the rest of the fleet who were all vying for position. The leading 4 then had a battle along the top reach and down the run with George managing to come out on top, Ian making his way through to 2nd with Paul slipping back to 3rd. The chasing bunch were starting to stretch out at Darren and Kian had found a way through and were now leading the chase. Jon Managed to roll Paul on the bottom reach to get himself up to 3rd by the end of the first lap. By the windward mark George was starting to stretch away as the pack behind him started to slow each other down. Paul had made his way back up to 2nd, Jon had slipped back to 3rd and Ian was now 4th. Darren and Kian had broken free of the chasing pack now and were trying to close the gap. Jon slipped back down the run and Darren caught him on the final reach to the finish. The order at the line was George, Paul, Ian, Darren, Jon followed by Kian. However there was a twist in the tail as Paul, Kian and Darren had all fallen foul of the black flag. This elevated Ian to 2nd and Jon to 3rd.

Race 6

Starting under the black flag the fleet were definitely more cautious this time. With a split forming almost immediately which side would the leaders come from? The fleet was tightly bunched at the windward mark but it was Greg who rounded just in front of George with Paul, Darren and John Aston chasing the 2 leaders. After the reach and the run Darren had pulled through to lead with George 2nd and Greg slipping back to 3rd. George and Darren continued their battle on the upwind leg with George gaining the upper hand by the windward mark, Darren very close behind and then a small gap back to Paul and Greg who had in turn pulled away from the chasing pack. At the end of lap 2 George had pulled out a handy lead on Darren who has a handy gap back to Paul. On the final lap the positions remained static with George putting a loose cover on Darren and Paul trying to take advantage to close on the pair of them. All to no avail as the top 3 did not change.

So after a long day on the water and 4 races to the good meaning 6 had been completed the fleet were ahead of schedule. George took over the yellow jersey from Greg. The overall standings were far from cut and dried with any one of 5 people able to take the championship.

The fleet then retired to the Royal Torbay Yacht Club clubhouse for a sit down meal followed by the class AGM. At this point in time Steve Bolland decided to grace the fleet with his presence. Perhaps lured back by the promise of dinner or maybe the fact that the bar was open and he needed to boost the takings again. Stories vary as to what happened to him but it would appear he had a very good night but couldn’t remember much of it. Once the meal had finished the class moved on and held their AGM (the minutes of which will be available shortly).


Sunday dawned, bright and sunny and without even a breath of wind. Tor Bay was like a millpond as the early sailors arrived in search of breakfast. The fleet were giving the vibe that they either wanted the 2 remaining races to be sailed or for an early end to proceedings as some had long journeys ahead. A brief discussion with the PRO and a plan was formed. He was confident that there would be enough breeze by the time the first warning signal could be sounded. Cue a hive of activity in the dinghy park as boats were uncovered, sails hoisted. As boats were launched it was clear the PRO was correct and people hurried to get out to ensure they did not miss the start.

Race 7

The fleet getting away cleanly and immediately splitting. Which side would pay today? The left had been the favoured side yesterday and with the wind from a similar direction would it pay today? At the windward mark the leading bunch had come from the left side of the course. Kian rounding in the lead with Greg in close company followed by George, Paul, Ian, Darren and Jon Bassett. This leading bunch had a handy gap back to the chasing pack. By the end of the lap Kian had pulled out a small gap from his pursuers and elected to loose cover them up the next beat. By the end of the beat Kian was still leading but with George now in 2nd, Greg slipping to 3rd. With positions staying fairly static now it looked set to be this way for the finish. George had other ideas and at the finish had almost overhauled Kian who just held on to take the bullet ahead of George with Paul coming home 3rd.

Race 8

With everything still to play for the championship was going to be decided on the last race. With a second discard also kicking in the final podium slot was also still up fro grabs. If Paul could win and George have a bad race the tables could be turned. At the windward mark it was Steve Bolland who headed the fleet having gone hard left with the 2 championship contenders in close company behind him with Mandy Sweet not far back in 4th. George made no mistakes on the next 3 legs and by the end of them had pulled through to have a handy lead over Paul with Steve slipping back to 3rd having Mandy for close company. Up the next beat George went hard left, electing to not cover his rivals but to go in search of extra pressure. this seemed to pay off as by the windward mark he had extended away from the chasing bunch with Steve coming through to second, Paul in 3rd and Mandy still in touch in 4th. Paul elected to go right down the run, looking for something that would help him overhaul Steve and George. At the leeward mark the positions had not changed. With the just the short reach to the finish Paul somehow found a way past Steve with Mandy closing fast on the pair of but not quite making it.

Once the race team had done their magic it was clear that George Cousins had taken the title of D-Zero National Champions for 2017 with Paul Scullion the bridesmaid for the second year in a row and Kian Andrews rounding out the podium. What was also clear was that the Restronguet fleet is the strongest fleet in the country currently with their sailors taking 3 of the top 6 positions (we are told Kian is a Restronguet sailor on occasions). The rest of us are clearly going to have to up our game to get anywhere near them!

The fleet then gathered for prize giving with the entire prize haul being supplied by our title sponsor Harken. Phil Rumbelow, the Rear Commodore from the host club, said a few words and thanked the fleet for being well behaved both on and off the water (there are those in the fleet who would prefer a bit more mischief off that water though). The first prize awarded was to David Valentine from Emsworth Slipper which was based on the Speedwall rankings. The prize was awarded to the sailor whom the Class Chair and Sailracer felt deserved a boost in performance. David won a Harken Speed Computer to help log and analyse his speed over the water. The next prize was awarded for the furthest travelled. This was a joint prize won by Martin Latimer and Jon Bassett from Largs.  The next prize was the ladies prize which was won by Mandy Sweet from Grafham Water who was our only lady this year. Mandy had a great series counting no results outside of the top 10 to give her 7th overall.

Then on to the main prizes with them being awarded down to 5th place for the general standing sand the ladies prize. Mandy Sweet from Grafham Water who was our only lady this year won the ladies prize. She had a great series counting no results outside of the top 10 to give her 7th overall. Ian Morgan from Netley surrendering his title and coming home in 5th and surely wishing their was more in the way of wind and waves, 4th went to Greg Bartlett from Starcross who had borrowed a boat for the event, 3rd to Kian Andrews from Penxance and Mounts Bay (and Restronguet), 2nd to Paul Scullion from Restronguet and the winner and 2017 National Champion George Cousins also from Restronguet.

With class chair Paul Jefferies thanking all at the host club and, in particular, the PRO Michael Currie and his team who managed to get in a full series of 8 races despite the forecast. thanks also go to Harken for being our title sponsor and providing the prizes and to Suntouched Sailboats for sponsoring the live tracking which was supplied by SailRacer.

The fleet all agreed that the weekend had been a great one with the glorious sunshine but and extra 5-10kts of wind would have made it perfect.

Full results can be found here: http://results.rtyc.org/hosted2017/dzero/dzeronat2017os.html

A photo album taken by the RTYC resident photographer can be found here: http://www.borderphotos2010.com/d-zero-nationals-rtyc.html

Harken D-Zero Nationals 2017 – NoR and Runners and Riders

Firstly, a bit of Admin to tidy up. The NoR can be found on the Royal Torbay YC website (click here) and a direct link to the NoR document can be found by clicking here.

Now the admin is out of the way on to more exciting matters, a brief rundown on some of the runners and riders for this years event(in no particular order aside from alphabetical):

John Aston With his distinctively coloured boat and great boat speed John may find himself getting in amongst the front runners a bit more this year. He made the top 10 last year but with a few of those who were ahead of him in 2016 unable to attend the 2017 event John should be further up the order this year.

Steve Bolland  Multiple RS300 national champion who borrowed a boat for the 2016 nationals. A broken kicker strap definitely cost him some places in 2016. Now returning with his own boat for 2017 can he show the form that earned him his RS300 crowns and upset the order at the top of the fleet?

Rob Lennox Always quietly going about his sailing and making heavy wind sailing look like a walk in the park. Can Rob show the form he showed throughout 2016 and get himself on to the podium in 2017?

Ian Morgan Reigning National and Winter Series Champion and was pipped to the Inland Championship at Grafham. As at ease sailing in waves as he is on flat water. Gave everyone a masterclass on wave sailing at Highcliffe in 2016. If the sea is bumpy then he will definitely be a joy to watch but can he repeat his 2016 success?

Paul Scullion Placed 2nd at the 2016 nationals in his first outing in a D-Zero. Now in his own boat and sailing in a very competitive fleet at his home club of Restronguet will this allow him to take a step up and take the fight to Ian?

Tom Southwell Clubmate of Ian Morgan at Netley SC and showed well at the recent Clevedon Open meeting where he finished ahead of Steve Bolland. Can Tom use this to his advantage this year and take a step up?

Darren Williams Clubmate of Paul Scullion at Restronguet. If his club form is anything to go by in the competitive Restronguet fleet then he should be up at the sharp end this year.


2017 Nationals – SailRacer Live Tracking and Entry Deadlines

The D-Zero class are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Sail Racer for the 2017 National Championships at Royal Torbay Yacht Club. Sailracer will be providing Live Tracking of every race of this year championships as well as replaying the days action after sailing is completed so the competitors can see where races were won and lost and where people may have gone from zero to hero or hero to zero. The action will also be streamed live on the Sail Racer website.

We are happy to renew our association with SailRacer who also hosted the class inaugural National Championships in 2014.

For those who have not yet entered do remember that any entries that are received after the 2nd June are subject to a late entry surcharge of £8.50 with those received after the 9th June subject to a £17. So if you are thinking of coming make sure your entry is in before then to avoid having to pay extra.

Dinghy Show 2017 Report

The D-Zero stand in a quieter moment. Photo Copyright Wendy Horton

The 4th and 5th March 2017 saw the largest non-sailing dinghy event in the UK take place at Alexandra Palace. With a stand staffed by friendly and enthusiastic owners ready to greet people the D-Zero class were ready to meet and greet an extol the virtues of the boat and the class. With the current UK National Champions new boat on the stand with a custom coloured deck moulding there were plenty of question about colours and what colours were available.

Also on display was the new lifting rudder assembly. Launched late in 2016 in response to comments from both boat owners and potential boat owners this was developed by Suntouched Sailboats and Devoti Sailing as a direct replacement for the standard cassette rudder. it is available as an option on a new boat and as a separate assembly for existing boats.

D-Zero lifting rudder assembly

Saturday was the busier of the 2 days and included Nigel Austin collecting prizes for the GJW Direct Sailjuice Winter Series events where he was 2nd in the Most Improved category. Nigel also received a special award which was awarded by GJW Direct, Sailjuice and Tim Olin for his achievement of attending every event (one of only 2 competitors to do so) and having a positive and enthusiastic attitude (even when things were not going his way). He also collected the Class Winners prize on behalf of Ian Morgan who was first D-Zero but who could not attend the show on Saturday. Then Mandy Sweet, the class secretary, was interviewed by VR Sport Media for their Dinghy Show video.

Nigel Austin collecting the GJW Direct Sailjuice Winter Series prizes. Photo Copyright Stewart Holford

On Sunday the show was much quieter but the stand was still very busy for most of the day with the team taking enquiries for demo sails and answering questions as well as catching up with friends and fellow D-Zero owners and finding a little time to do some shopping and look around the show.

So on the whole it was a successful show for the Class with lots of interest in the boat and secondhand demand particularly high at present prompting a few current owners to trade up to new boats. If you are thinking on joining the class then do take a look at the class website by clicking here or find us on social media we have an active Facebook group and twitter feed (@DevotiZero).

The class would also like to pass their thanks on to those who were involved in organising the stand for the show:

Neil Washington for doing all the legwork, working with the RYA and their event management company during the run up to the show and for setting up the stand on Friday.

Mandy Sweet for organising the stand staffing.

David Summerville for arranging the polo shirts.

Rodney and Sue Cobb (also known as Suntouched Sailboats) for their generous sponsorship of the class stand, supplying a new boat and stand as well as providing a TV for our promotional presentation

Devoti Sailing for their generous sponsorship of the class stand

SmoothSigns for their loan of a display dongle and access to their presentation software in order for the class to build a great presentation comprising of videos, photos and information pages.

All the D-Zero owners and Class Association members who gave up their time to staff the stand.

2017 Nationals Entry now open

IMG_3365 (1)
Some close racing at the 2016 D-Zero National Championships. Photo Copyright Sarah Desjonqueres

So here it is, the news you have all been waiting for….Entry to the 2017 D-Zero UK National Championships is now open!

To get straight to the entry form and see all the necessary details simply click here.

The D-Zero Class Association Committee are busy finalising the exact format for the racing but we expect to have an 8 race series over the 3 days with 2 races on Friday and 3 each on Saturday and Sunday with 2 discards if the full series is sailed. This will allow those who cannot get the Friday off work to compete on the Saturday and Sunday not have to carry any DNC scores in their series

We are also speaking to our usual class sponsors to ensure we have a fantastic line up of prizes that will be spread throughout the fleet.

2016 Suntouched D-Zero Inland Championships – Preview

After a period of quiet over the summer where many D-Zero owners have taken a holiday the fleet will convene and burst back in to action at Grafham Water on the 10th and 11th September for their Inland Championships which are being sponsored by Suntouched Sailboats.

With Grafham having the largest D-Zero fleet in the country and many D-Zero owners indicating that they will travel the class is hopeful of a good turnout perhaps even challenging this year National Championships entry of 41 boats!

With Grafham also the home club for the 2015 Inland Champion, David Summerville, some may say he is odds on to retain his title. However Shotwick based sailors Gaz Henshall and Gordon Bennell might have a thing of 2 to say about that given the impressive speed they showed at the 2015 Inlands despite having only collected their boats a few days before.

Entry for the event is £31 for non Grafham members and a mere £3 to members of Grafham Water. Temporary CA membership is also available for this event so, if you are not yet a boat owner and can beg/steal/borrow a boat for the weekend then why not come and join us (please contact the CA by clicking here if you are interested as we may know of boats that are available).

Camping and Camper Van parking is available on site at Grafham as well at £10/night and £15/night respectively. Please book these spaces when you enter.

Online entry for the event can be found by clicking here, alternatively you can download a printable entry form by clicking here.

Flip Up Rudder Update


Flip up rudder progress report! Although slow there is some progress on this product. Devoti Sailing have commissioned the moulds to be CNC’d and are planning to send two flip up rudders to Suntouched for testing around wk 3, August. We will get these rudders onto a couple of boats on arrival and get some comprehensive testing carried out in all conditions. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will be able to start a roll out of product late September. Apologies to all for the delays but Olympic years are always very demanding for Devoti and their dealers. We will hopefully have some pricing later this week 🙂

Suntouched D-Zero Nationals 2016 – Photo Gallery

See below a photo gallery provided by Sarah Desjonqueres from Highcliffe. All images are copyright to her so please ensure she is credited if you use them. High resolution copies are available from the class association, please contact the Webmaster by completing this form and giving the event name and image url.

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