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D-Zero Winter Series 2017 update after round 7

Last weekend saw the 2 day Tiger Trophy contested. 4 D-Zeros travelled and their placings have had en effect on the standings. Rob Lennos has secured 2nd in the series with Ian already crowned as champion. 3rd place is still very much open for grabs though. Nigel managed to get the ‘Southwell Beater’ back in […]

D-Zeros at the Tiger Trophy 2016

Ian Morgan winds the D-Zero Winter Series 2015/2016. Photo Copyright Jess Austin As the D-Zero Winter Series 2015/2016 and the GJW Direct Sailjuice Winter Series 2015/2016 both drew to a close it was clear that mother nature was going to continue with her windy theme. All of the Winter Series events have been windy to […]

D-Zeros at the Tiger Trophy 2015

D-Zeros at the 2015 Tiger Trophy Report by Dave Woods GBR105: Wet and wild at the Tiger Trophy 2015 Photo Copyright: Tim Olin  Day One. Despite the grim forecast three D-Zeros arrived nice and early for the 2015 Tiger Trophy. During rigging it appeared the wind was more moderate than forecast but the snow negated […]

D-Zero day 1 news from the Tiger Trophy

After a cold and windy day it looks like some pretty close racing in the D-Zero fleet again. David Summerville sits in 33rd, Dave Woods in 38th and newcomer to the fleet Nigel Austin in 41st. Good luck today, looks to be windier but not quite so cold.

Tiger Trophy at Ruland SC this weekend

2 D-Zeros are signed up for the Tiger Trophy this weekend. A few others have been considering entering too. Don’t leave it too late or you might miss out! For more details see:

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