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Team Hunts go play on the Sea

The Hunts D-Zero fleet is very fortunate that one of them has a lovely house at St Osyth and offered to host a training weekend over the May Day Bank holiday.  Sadly Paul Jefferies couldn’t join us and a couple of others were MIA but Alistair and his daughter Elizabeth welcomed Jon, Will, Gary, Graham, Abby and Louise for the weekend.

How many D-Zero sailors does it take to rig a boat?…. Photo Copyright Will Deutsch

We were joined on Saturday morning by Ian Morgan, Morgan Sails and current D-Zero Class Champion.  Boats were rigged and Ian went over each boat suggesting minor modifications.  Most of us have changed out kicker straps so it is centred under the (fitting!) on the boom. Abby had her downhaul inverted for the others to copy, mast foot steps were changed around and chocks moved.

Ian suggested not using the kicker and instead first deploying the Cunningham.  When the Cunningham has run out of room then get the kicker involved.  A quick lunch later we dragged the boats down to the beach.  Abby was using the blue rig, and had the easiest passage under the various telephone and power lines…..  Ian and Chris Pell, who was our safety RIB for the weekend rowed over to the pontoon while the rest rigged and launched.

Off they go. Photo Copyright Will Deutsch

Off we sailed, led in the general direction of France by Louise Foreman – put the woman on open water and off she goes!  Chris and Ian caught us up, Louise was lassoed into line and to the tune of Ian’s whistle we were put through out paces.  We went quite a long way out and then had a 20 minute run back to the harbour, outpacing a yacht with 3 sails up!  Abby kept up with the grey rigs upwind but they left Abby behind on the run in.

Will decided running was boring and had fun reaching back and forth with a quick swim at the end.  Boats were trollied back to the house (many thanks to Alistair’s patient neighbours who had to put up with cars/boats/trailers all weekend) washed, snacks were found and drinks were poured.  Ian had been videoing the afternoon’s fun (great shots of sea….waves…oh – and sailors!).  It is interesting and instructive to watch yourself sail with expert commentary.  Louise provided supper, tall tales were told (Chris fell asleep watching the boxing) and sleepy sailors bedded down.

Sadly that was the last of the sailing as Sunday was a complete blow out.  It might have suited the training squaddies but not us.  Look out for the videos – especially of Louise flying in on the run!

Pimps and Bimbles page updated – Alternative Traveller setup

The Pimps and Bimbles page has been updated with details of an alternative traveller setup that has appeared on GBR66.

Click here to take a look.

Tips & Tricks #1 : Hiking

Dan Holman gives us some tips about hiking effectively

1) Leverage
– In a narrow hiking boat, getting your weight outboard gives more righting moment  (leverage), which is like horsepower to a sailboat. When the breeze is up, the harder you hike the faster you will go.



2) Fitness will help your hiking – whether it be aerobic activity, strength / endurance in the specific muscle groups (quads, abs, hip flexors, core) or even flexibility. Hiking out is the best practice for hiking out though!



3) Posture is important – try to watch yourself on video to check your hiking posture – you should look to maintain a straight back so look to engage those core muscles. Legs should be fairly straight to keep your arse out of the water – shoulders back but upper body not horizontal – save that extra for special moments! Totally straight legs is much harder for little gain in righting moment. Keeping good form is important to maximise economy of effort and minimise injury.  Warm up! Do some drills ashore, and do some hiking at 75% effort and stretching before the racing starts.


4) Adjustment – make sure your toestrap is adjustable – in marginal hiking or reaching conditions, there is little worse than  a loose toestrap. A nice tight one keeps you “locked into the boat” and arse out of water on these occasions where righting moment is not king, but accurate transmission of your body movement into the boat is. Upwind in breeze, have a “maximum off” toestrap position that is appropriate to your height, fitness and sailing style.


5) Gear  – get the right tools for the job – hiking is an athletic activity so will always make you hurt. No matter how good the ergonomics of your boat, a good pair of hiking shorts and boots will make your effort go further.


the champion’s choice (image credit: BBC/Getty)


6) Sail Smart – everyone gets knackered! Know when it is happening to you! When fatigued, it is more important to maintain accurate sheeting and steering than absolute righting moment, so don’t be afraid to tighten that toestrap and take some of the load off if you think you risk doing everything badly because of fatigue.



Hike out bitches!  Pain is fear leaving the body

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