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Suntouched D-Zero Nationals 2016 – Video Gallery

During 24th – 26th June the D-Zero 2016 National Championships was held at Highcliffe Sailing Club.

Days 2 and 3 of the championships were filmed by VR Sport Media.  You can now re-live all the action and interviews from the 2016 National Championships!

Day 2-


Day 3-


Flying in Valencia

Our friends at The Dinghy Academy in Valencia have been having some fun in the D-Zero recently, check out this video shot in 25kts of winds and glorious sunshine:


Wishbone baby – Rutland in 2009

No prize for ‘spotting the difference’ here.

Check out this old video from 2009 showing Dan sailing the Punk at the Rutland SC Tiger Trophy in 2009.  It’s pretty breezy by the looks of it, and some classic Rutland chop too.

That’s an early rig iteration featuring the original wishbone boom- it does look a bit weird.  However that shouldn’t detract from celebrating Dan’s creative genius and the extensive development the Punk and its rig went through to get to the D-Zero today.

video credit: Shockwave 40, Youtube

Testing in Brno, Czech Republic

A grizzly day of dinghy development filmed in Brno, Czech Republic.

Nice boat though.

Video & Photo Credit: Martin Sova, Youtube


Punk Tales

A short re-cut of Dan in the Punk at the Yachts and Yachting Open Meeting in 2010.

This was the event that inspired Rodney to take the Punk to Devoti- a turning point in the development of the world’s sexiest singlehander!

I can’t pretend it’s a great video, but at least it shows the boat going upwind nicely, despite the lee of the trees and not much breeze.

Punk Action

One of the early prototype videos from Suntouched Sailboats.

More high quality footage to follow… according to the promises.

Introducing the Dinghy Academy

Did you know about some of Devoti Sailing’s other activities?

The Dinghy Academy in Valencia offers some of the best sailboat race training in the world.

At its core is a team of professional athletes and watermen ready to take your sailing to the next level.

Here’s hoping the D-Zero will soon be part of their fleet!

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