David Summerville reports:

The first D-Zeros were delivered to the Isle of Man this week. Today they were spotted racing in the Manx Sailing & Cruising Club’s Winter Series on the picturesque Injebreck Reservoir. In the summer months they’ll be racing on the Irish Sea.

Manx Sailing and Cruising Club also report (to see their Facebook page click here):

Bourne Plaice Injebreck Winter Series.
Different conditions today very blustery and gusty, many swimmers and retirements.
Also the first outing for the brand new D-Zero single handed dinghy,
with two on the water (GBR143 Mike Pridham and GBR146 Mike Swales), not ideal weather for shake down sailing, but you have to start sometime.

And of course some pictures, photo credits Keith Poole and Neil Rawlinson: