Definitely ‘Brass Monkeys’ at the Brass Monkey for Nigel Austin. Photo Copyright Tim Olin

With a forecast of freezing temperatures, high winds and snow, most sailors could easily be forgiven for staying at home and not travelling for several hours to take part in the Yorkshire Dales Brass Monkey.

Not so for intrepid Nigel Austin and Mick Green both of whom travelled. Nigel takes up the story as follows:

I was going to write a tome on the epic 2 boat battle of DZeros at the Brass Monkey but unfortunately I was the only one there for the 2nd year running after running the gauntlet of Northamptonshire’s “Blizzard”, not sure where the other one got to?.
Anyway I achieved two things today, wore every thing in my sail bag, thermal vest, steamer, dry suit and rooster fleece top, 2 sets of hot soxs and 2 sets of thermal gloves and 2 balaclavas. Upshot, toaster warm, but couldn’t move, especially in the first race as I also had a Christmas present of power hikers in which slipped and I sailed the whole race like spotty dog, and it was painful!
Result in the overall fleet? No idea
Result in DZero fleet- 1st and last!
All the sheets froze in the 2nd race and so did the floor, nice

Photo Copyright Tim Olin

After a short investigation, and through the power of Facebook, it turned out that Mick did indeed make the journey and got his boat rigged. He then surveyed the rest of the boats trying to rig, and the efforts of some nearby RS400 sailors to simply step the mast, and decided he didn’t fancy it. Typically the wind did drop but only after he had packed away.

For the record Nigels efforts netted him a 48th and a 55th in the 2 races leaving him 50th overall for the event (and of course 1st D-Zero).

Full Brass monkey results can be found by clicking here. The D-Zero Winter Series results will be updated shortly (with the Grafham Grand Prix report).