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2018 Nationals entry is open

For more details and to get your entry in simply surf on over to the Entry page by clicking here. For more details on the venue and local area then click here.

All of the old content, news, videos and pictures are still here just with a new look and a much bigger emphasis on media to promote the fantastic boat that we know the D-Zero is. We are also keen to get as many people to see and experience the D-Zero as possible. As well as the dealers and importer being able to offer test sails we have a network of boat owners all over the country who are happy to offer a ride. If you want to arrange one or find out more then check out the Demo page under the events section or click here for a direct link.

So what else is new you might ask?

We have added a dedicated YouTube page to the website, simply click Media > YouTube Channel from the menu or click here to go straight there.

Our website team have gone through all the older articles and made sure the correct categories have been assigned so now the News section should contain all the recent News Articles and the Media Section should show all the articles that have videos associated with them.

We are also using a static front page as this gives us more control over what we have here so do check back regularly for updates and changes. We will be highlighting upcoming events.

What is coming up in 2018?

With the Northern Fleet mobilising and setting up a northern travellers circuit, a strong presence in the midlands and rumours of a sponsored South Coast Travellers circuit, the D-Zero Class really is starting to go places. This is not to mention the South West powerhouse centred around Restronguet Sailing Club who dominated at the 2017 National Championships.

We have a busy calendar lined up for 2018 starting with the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace in March followed by the usual National and Inland Championship events as well as a number of Open Meetings. In addition to that we have a Northern Championships at Yorkshire Dales SC toward the end of the Open Meeting season and several of the large Summer events being supported by the class. For more details and to see the current calendar go to Menu > Events > Events and Reports > Events and Reports 2018 or click here to go there directly.

How can you stay up to date?

there are several ways you can stay up to date:

  1. Bookmark the site and surf on back regularly
  2. Subscribe to the site by filling in the form over on the right hand side of the screen (for people using a desktop site). People using a mobile device should scroll to the bottom of the page to see the form.
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